How Outland Denim Creates Consistent Customer Experiences and Drives Sales








relative increase in placed order rate from abandoned cart emails

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Utilized the Okendo-Klaviyo integration to add review snippets to abandoned cart recovery emails
  2. 02 Streamlined design and branding across all communications including review request emails.


Outland Denim began as a place to train and employ women who had experienced sex trafficking. This background laid the foundations for the Australian-based brand to build a loyal customer base of sustainable shoppers who want to empower humanity as they spend their money.


  • Outland Denim wanted to find new touchpoints that would allow them to better understand and improve the customer experience.
  • The brand needed to increase the amount of social proof shown to customers throughout different stages of the buying cycle.
  • They knew that insights in reviews would help them accomplish their goal of empowering potential customers to feel comfortable shopping with a new brand.

“Through collecting and displaying reviews, we’re able to facilitate a connection between past and potential customers in a way that gives those less familiar with our brand the confidence to purchase.”

Darren Ford

Head of Digital

Outland Denim

Solution: An Integrated Platform with Strong Customizations

  • Outland Denim chose Okendo after being disappointed by a prior review provider for their lack of support and key integrations.
  • Knowing the importance of providing a consistent experience for new customer recognition, Outland Denim uses the Okendo-Klaviyo integration to streamline their designs and branding across all communications, including the review request emails they were sending out.
  • With the Okendo-Klaviyo integration, Outland Denim incorporated the latest 5-star review snippets into their abandoned cart email sequence, helping convert unsure shoppers into confident, paying customers.


By seamlessly integrating review snippets into abandoned cart emails, Outland Denim saw a 153% relative increase in placed order rate.

“Putting social proof in front of customers who, for one reason or another, decided they weren’t yet ready to purchase, alongside the exact item they’re interested in yielded very strong results.”

Darren Ford

Head of Digital

Outland Denim


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