Why Vegamour Switched to Okendo from Yotpo: Better Integrations and Amazing Customer Service






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of all revenue influenced by Okendo


increase in conversions

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Okendo provides Vegamour with a consistent, flexible review platform that Yotpo couldn’t offer.
  2. 02 Vegamour can easily ask customers for reviews at the right time of engagement.


Vegamour knows that harmful chemicals can lead to long-term problems, so the brand takes a holistic approach to hair wellness. They incorporate clinically-tested plant-based ingredients that work in tandem to naturally promote health and beautiful hair. Vegamour is focused on providing customers with a lifetime of happiness through the power of nature.

Challenge: Clunky Platform Experiences & Lack of Features and Support

  • A good review strategy includes asking customers for reviews at the right time. Because Vegamour’s hair products take differing amounts of time for customers to see the effects, they needed to send review requests at the right time depending on the product.
  • Personalizing the customer experience at all touchpoints helps build strong relationships between a brand and its customers. Vegamour needed the ability to create personalized experiences in their review request email campaigns.
  • The brand used Yotpo to try and solve its challenges. However, Yotpo lacked flexibility and provided limited email features. Also, Vegamour didn’t get the level of support they needed.

Solution: An Integrated Reviews Platform With Deep Customer Insights

  • Now with Okendo, Vegamour easily creates review request flows through the Klaviyo integration. With the integration, they can also create highly targeted and personalized email campaigns to help build stronger customer relationships. Vegamour can now deliver a review request email to the customer at the right time, for the right product. Vegamour uses data in Okendo to accurately time when to send requests based on how long the customer has been using the product, depending on the product type. For example, for their gray hair products, it takes three months to see results. So Vegamour sets specific triggers in Okendo to send review requests after the customer uses the product for three months.
  • The migration from Yotpo to Okendo was a breeze, and Vegamour now has a platform that is easy to use and can deliver a seamless end-to-end experience for their customers.

Results with Okendo:

  • 21% of all revenue is attributed to Okendo Reviews.
  • Vegamour saw a 277% increase in conversions.
  • By migrating from Yotpo, Okendo’s customer service team went above and beyond to ensure the data import was flawless. Vegamour is now happy with Okendo’s easy-to-use, flexible platform and the strong integrations that it offers, such as Klaviyo.

“Switching to Okendo was by far one of the most seamless transitions we've ever had. Their white-glove migration services made the switch seamless for us and we now benefit from a number of features and automations that Yotpo didn't offer. The gains you get from Okendo's industry-leading platform features far exceed the lift.”

Britanny Carter

Head of Digital Product



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