Why Soylent Moved to Okendo from Fairing: High Response Rate and Surveys Across the Customer Journey





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of customers make the first point of purchase in a retail store, Soylent discovered.

Key takeaways

  1. 01 The team can easily distribute surveys through multiple channels.
  2. 02 Fast and high volume survey response rate to help inform strategy.
  3. 03 Hours of time saved with automation.


Soylent started with the simple idea that complete nutrition shouldn’t be difficult to find or expensive. The company was founded by software engineers who met working under the same roof in Silicon Valley. Living off unhealthy meals, they came up with the hypothesis that food can be simplified for the better. Soylent provides complete plant protein that is science-based and sustainable.


  • With their previous surveys solution, Fairing, Soylent could only collect survey responses on the post-purchase order confirmation page. The product was too limiting, giving Soylent only one option to collect survey feedback, at just one point in the customer journey.
  • Knowing how important customer survey response rate is for data quality, Soylent was looking to get responses fast, at high volume. Fairing failed to help give Soylent a high enough response rate in a quick enough time period. This is because the surveys were only available in one place, post-checkout, and not anywhere else throughout Soylent’s website.
  • The Soylent team spent too much time manually sending discount codes to customers who responded to a survey. With a small team, this was valuable time that could have been spent on more important tasks.

Solution: Multiple Channels to Send Surveys with High, Fast Response Rates

  • To engage customers at peak moments in their journey, Soylent uses Okendo Surveys for customer feedback. Soylent now can distribute surveys across any page on its entire website. This allows Soylent to collect customer feedback throughout the customer journey.
  • Through post-purchase marketing attribution surveys, Soylent learned that 30-40% of customers find their product in retail stores first by using Okendo. Because of this data, Soylent now works with Aisle to incentivize customers who drop off onsite to try the product in-store first.
  • Soylent also knows that using customer data is important to inform product strategy. In one survey they asked customers, “What flavor would you like to see from Soylent?” Customers had a choice between flavors, but the Soylent team found none of the flavors they thought would be popular resonated with customers.
  • Soylent received answers to their product survey within 24 hours. These fast responses were critical to their product strategy.
    Soylent also uses post-purchase survey data to personalize email campaigns in Klaviyo. They can segment customers based on why customers use the product and what details about the product they like.

Results with Okendo

  • 20% survey response rate.
  • Soylent found 30-40% of customers discover their brand through a retail location (in-store) by using attribution surveys.
  • The team saves time by sending discount codes automatically after a survey is completed and expects to drive additional revenue through the use of the coupons.
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“The ability to get data quickly to make decisions across our channels is very impactful with Okendo. We're a small team so tools that help easily gather the insights needed to make strategic decisions is key. For any brands looking to survey, make sure you aren't overwhelming consumers with surveys left and right, and instead putting intent behind your survey strategy so you're gathering the most impactful insights without prohibiting the consumer journey onsite”

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Director, eCommerce



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