Why Dreamland Baby Switched to Okendo from Octane AI: Smooth User Interface and Increased Customer Engagement






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Key takeaways

  1. 01 Okendo helped Dreamland Baby increase quiz conversions.
  2. 02 Okendo provides Dreamland Baby with a smooth user interface that their previous provider Octane AI couldn’t offer.


Dreamland Baby is on a mission to bring better sleep to families everywhere.


  • The number one question Dreamland Baby gets asked by customers is, What size should I get? Because of this, the team needed a solution to help its customers easily find the right size for their babies.
  • Many customers come to Dreamland Baby to buy the Dream Weighted Sleep Sack and wouldn’t explore the site for more of the brand’s other products, so the team needed a solution to help customers discover the brand’s other sleep solutions.

“After switching from Octane AI to Okendo, we’ve seen a huge increase in customer engagement. The user interface on both the back end and the front end of Okendo Quizzes is really smooth, and we can display products and variants in the way we want to, which was not possible with our previous provider.”

Mike Woodland

VP of Ecommerce

Dreamland Baby

Solution: An All-in-One Platform for Reviews & Quizzes that Increases Conversions and Helps Build Community

  • The setup of Okendo Quizzes was easy, seamlessly integrating with their other tech platforms including Klaviyo.
  • Quizzes help customers discover the brand’s products with personalized product recommendations based on the babies’ unique needs, helping boost conversions and average order value (AOV).
  • The team at Dreamland Baby discovered an issue with one of their products early on based on customer feedback from Okendo Reviews, so the team fixed the problem before it escalated.
  • Dreamland Baby personalizes messaging by building segments in Klaviyo based on customer attributes in reviews.
  • Reviews also help Dreamland Baby build a community of Superfans. Parents can leave detailed reviews with baby attributes, such as their baby’s age range and whether or not it’s their first child. The parents get advice from each other through reviews.


  • Okendo Quizzes brought in $100,000 of additional revenue for Dreamland Baby in just 30 days, with a 52.5x ROI.
  • Okendo Quizzes helps Dreamland Baby boost conversions, with a 16% conversion rate.

“The number one question we get from our customers is, ‘What size should I get?’ Our quiz asks a series of questions to lead the customer to the right product and size for their baby. This has led to a significant 16% conversion rate.”

Mike Woodland

VP of Ecommerce

Dreamland Baby

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