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Your brand. Your (earning) rules.

With a few simple clicks, you can easily setup fully customizable earning rules that drive targeted actions, increase engagement and grow your community.

Earn Rules

  • Bonus points
  • Quiz
    Take a quiz
  • Email
    Email sign up
  • Survey
    Answer a survey
  • SMS
    SMS sign up
  • App Download
    App download
  • Birthday Reward
  • Sign up
    Sign up
  • Share on Facebook
    Share on Facebook
  • Leave a review
    Leave a review
  • Follow on TikTok
    Follow on TikTok
  • Follow on Instagram
    Follow on Instagram
  • Reward with a photo
    Review with a photo
  • Like on Facebook
    Like on Facebook
  • Reward with a video
    Review with a video
  • Place an order
    Place an order
  • Birthday Reward
    Birthday reward
  • Follow on X
    Follow on X
  • Refer a friend
    Refer a friend

Flexible, compelling rewards.

Our tools make it easy to offer rewards your members will love — keeping them coming back again and again.

VIP Tiers build engaged members

Bigger, better tiered rewards encourage your customers to engage, return, and continue spending more. Maximize CLTV with exclusive benefits and perks that drive repeat purchases.



Sign Up



Spend $100



Spend $300



Spend $1,000

Automated Returns

Automated returns

Unfortunately, returns happen. Fortunately, when a member returns an order that earned points, we’ll automatically deduct them to save your team the manual math.

Subscription Support

Subscription support

We’ve got you covered on enabling loyalty rewards for subscription purchases. Our subscription integrations include Skio, Stay, Smartrr, Recharge, and more.

Backdated Program

Backdated program

Launching a new loyalty program and want to give rewards to your dedicated customers? We support backdated points to support your program setup.

Loyalty here, there, and everywhere

No other loyalty program offers 4 onsite experiences that engage customers throughout their shopping journey for maximized results.

Customize a loyalty landing page that’s consistent with your brand and increases signups.

Flexible page layout

Fully customizable modules make it easy to design the page layout that meets your needs.

End-to-end styling

Edit colors, fonts, icons, images, and more to match the exact look and feel of your brand.

Detailed VIP Tiers

Showcase and style the details of your VIP Tiers to activate new member signups.


Mobile mockup
Desktop mockup
Onsite Widget

Onsite widget

Design an onsite floating icon that outlines all the important details in just one click.

Banner widget

Banner widget

Showcase different ways members can redeem their rewards while viewing their order.

Checkout Redemption

Checkout redemption

Members can easily view points balances and redeem rewards during the checkout process.

Account Portal

Account portal

Give members a detailed view of their program activities such as points balance, tier status, and more.

Clear and actionable reporting

Attentive and Klaviyo

Attentive and Klaviyo integrations

Speak their language with personalized email and SMS. Our Klaviyo and Attentive integrations let you tailor communications by audience, program activities, and more.

Save your data

Save your data for later

We automatically save all customer data to unified profiles for easy access. Okendo is GDPR and SOC 2 compliant so you can rest assured that data regulations are covered.


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