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Key takeaways

  1. 01 Okendo helps Pillow Cube save time and money with an easy-to-use consolidated tech stack for Quizzes, Reviews, and Referrals.
  2. 02 Pillow Cube uses customer data from Okendo to inform its product and customer experience strategies.


Pillow Cube provides side sleepers with pillows, mattresses, and other bedding products to help customers get better sleep. Pillow Cube’s pillows align the spine to alleviate pain. Their team says, “We can’t rest until you rest.”


  • With different variants of pillows to choose from, the team at Pillow Cube needed a way to guide customers to the right product.
  • Knowing reviews are essential for showcasing social proof and collecting customer feedback, Pillow Cube was looking for a reviews provider that offered more than one product. After using three separate, siloed solutions for quizzes, reviews, and referrals, the team needed a way to combine those products in one tech stack.

“A big part of our decision process in choosing Okendo was the ability to have a full suite of products in one place.”

Lane Olson

Marketing Director

Pillow Cube

Solution: An Easy-to-Use Tech Stack that Provides Customer Data in One Place

  • The team switched to Okendo from its previous providers to have their tech stack in one place, working in one consolidated platform for Quizzes, Reviews, and Referrals, saving them valuable time and money.
  • Zero-party data from quizzes and reviews helps the team inform new product releases, pricing, and when to implement promotional periods. From using customer data effectively, Pillow Cube witnessed increased customer engagement and loyalty with Okendo.
  • The team provides personalized, pre-purchase education to its customers with Quizzes.

“Using Okendo’s products together helps us create and leverage Superfans. It starts with Quizzes to get customers the right product for them. Once they love the product, they leave a review. When they leave a review, they recommend it to a friend or family member through Referrals.”

Lane Olson

Marketing Directory

Pillow Cube


  • Okendo positively impacts Pillow Cube’s revenue growth, with a 27x ROI.
  • Pillow Cube seamlessly imported reviews from its previous provider with Okendo.
  • The brand saw reduced return rates after implementing Quizzes.
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“Our revenue grew year-over-year, and using Okendo was part of that growth.”

Lane Olson

Marketing Director

Pillow Cube

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