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Key takeaways

  1. 01 The easy setup allowed NEIWAI to launch quickly and prove quiz ROI immediately ahead of the peak holiday season.
  2. 02 Shoppers can now find the perfect Barely Zero bra style for their body type.


NEIWAI’s mission is to bring ease and harmony to customers’ lives through lingerie and clothing that are ‘Made To Live In.’ The brand’s best-selling collection of wireless bras, Barely Zero, exemplifies the effortless comfort NEIWAI strives to create.


  • The team at NEIWAI needed a way to help shoppers navigate the brand’s large product assortment of lingerie, loungewear, and activewear.
  • NEIWAI knew how complicated the setup of a quiz could be, and they didn’t want to invest tons of time and resources in a quiz just to get one setup.

“The engaging shopping experience with Okendo Quizzes has led to a 15% conversion rate and 53x ROI.”

Karen Zhou

Director of Ecommerce US


Solution: Easy Quiz Setup Experience and Actionable Data

  • The team was able to setup the Barely Zero Quiz fast with Okendo. Because of the speedy time to implement, they could see how the quiz resonated with their shoppers with key metrics such as completion rates. Now they have the data they need to understand if creating more quizzes is a strategy to invest more resources into.
  • The timing of when NEIWAI implemented their quiz into the shopping experience — during the leadup to peak season — helped educate customers about NEIWAI’s Barely Zero bra. Even if the shopper doesn’t make a purchase, they are more inclined to come back for Black Friday discounts after taking the quiz.


  • The brand saw 53x ROI on Okendo Quizzes.
  • The quiz provides customers with personalized product recommendations, leading to a 15% quiz conversion rate for NEIWAI.

“The process of building the quiz was seamless. I’ve had some experience with past quizzes that were more manual and custom-coded. And there are pros and cons to those. But the speed with which we were able to get going with Okendo Quizzes was a big advantage so that we can test the quiz with our shoppers and see if they engage with it enough to expand to other types of quizzes in the future.”

Karen Zhou

Director of Ecommerce US



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