How Jordan Craig Designed a Loyalty Program for their Superfans with Okendo






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Key takeaways

  1. 01 Jordan Craig designed a loyalty program to resonate with their unique customer base.
  2. 02 Okendo Loyalty gives Jordan Craig a way to segment their most loyal customers, their “Legends”.


Celebrating its 35th anniversary, Jordan Craig is an elite streetwear brand with a mission to produce premium clothing.

“With Okendo Loyalty, we saw an immediate impact of 59x ROI.”

Rob Varon

Director of Marketing

Jordan Craig


  • One of Jordan Craig’s main priorities is thinking through how to improve the customer experience. When a customer says there’s a problem, they fix it.
  • When customers asked for a loyalty program, the team knew they needed to implement one into their customer marketing strategy.
  • With a dedicated customer base at a 40% repeat purchase rate, the brand’s goal was to further improve this key customer loyalty metric with a loyalty program.

“The set up of Okendo Loyalty took one hour. We were up and live fast.”

Rob Varon

Director of Marketing

Jordan Craig

Solution: A Custom Loyalty Program for their Unique Customer Base

  • As a streetwear brand, being ‘cool’ is important. The team at Jordan Craig knew they needed a customizable loyalty program that connects to their brand, so they created a ‘cool’ program that resonates with their unique customer base.
  • The program consists of three tiers – Pros, Stars, and Legends, the latter being a name they chose because Legends are what everyone hopes to be. Legends are the brand’s Superfans.
  • Instead of points, the brand rewards customers with clout.
  • Loyalty helps Jordan Craig strategically communicate with their Legends. These highly engaged customers make purchases and take the time to be heavily engaged with the brand, so Jordan Craig focuses on enhancing their experience.
  • Using Klaviyo, the team segments their Legends tier to personalize email messaging with early access to sales and exclusive offers.

“When we launched Okendo Loyalty, we saw an immediate spike in customer engagement.”

Rob Varon

Director of Marketing

Jordan Craig


  • 12.23% AOV uplift.
  • 4% program enrollment rate.

“I’ve had a positive experience using all of Okendo’s five products together. The tech just works. It’s easy to streamline workflows with Okendo’s connected suite of products. Ecommerce is a puzzle, and Okendo contributes many pieces to that puzzle.”

Rob Varon

Director of Marketing

Jordan Craig

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