How Feastables Builds Customer Trust and Increases Conversions with One Centralized Platform for Reviews and Surveys



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of total revenue attributed to Okendo Reviews

Key takeaways

  1. 01 All-in-one platform for Reviews and Surveys.
  2. 02 Discovered the majority of customers learn about the Feastables brand through YouTube.
  3. 03 Gained fast insights into how a new product resonated with customers through zero-party data.

About Feastables

Feastables is on a mission to change the way you snack. Founded by philanthropist and influential digital creator MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, Feastables creates delicious snacks with trusted ingredients. Growing up with Crohn’s disease made MrBeast aware of the need for high-quality snacks to be more accessible, so he started Feastables. And he’s focused on bringing joy and fun to Feastables’ customers through gamified experiences.


  • Although Feastables had a go-to-market strategy with the launch of their product, Deez Nuts, they knew something was missing. They wanted to find a way to understand customer sentiment, or how customers felt about the product.
  • One of the main challenges for Feastables was uncovering the “why” behind customer feelings toward shopping with their brand — why customers come back to shop with them or why they detract.

Solution: One Unified Platform for Listening to Customers

  • The launch of Feastables’ Deez Nuts product was made easy with Okendo. Feastables understands how customers feel about the product’s taste and quality with the help of Okendo Reviews. Reviewers who leave a video with their review are offered a discount on a future order. This powerful UGC built trust with potential customers, helping them make purchasing decisions, which resulted in a 433% increase in conversions.
  • With Okendo Surveys, Feastables got an even deeper understanding of how customers felt about their new product offering.
  • For Feastables, retaining customers and identifying brand advocates is important, but nurturing detractors is equally as important. By utilizing NPS surveys and Okendo’s conditional logic features, Feastables was able to pinpoint why dissatisfied customers are unhappy by asking pointed follow-up questions to uncover more insights behind the low score.
  • Okendo also takes the guesswork out for Feastables on where to focus their marketing efforts. By leveraging marketing attribution surveys and asking customers “How Did you Hear about Us?”, Fesatables uncovered that the majority of their buyers are coming from YouTube. By understanding its most successful channels, Feastable can reallocate its marketing budget accordingly and drive a higher ROI.


  • Feastables increased conversions by 433% using Okendo.
  • 9% of all the brand’s revenue is influenced by Okendo.
  • The team saw a 79% HDYHAU completion rate for new customers and 87% for repeat customers.
  • Feastables also got a 95% completion rate for NPS surveys.
  • Feastables can understand the full customer journey all in one platform with Okendo Reviews & Surveys

“Listen to your customers. They are offering you information. If a customer — whether new or repeat — if they are purchasing from you, they are invested in your brand. They can offer you so much information like what’s going to push you for the future and how you can make more conversions.”

Jessica Cervellon

Head of Customer Experience



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