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Mobilize your customers to help accelerate growth at every stage of the buying journey.


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Here's how Okendo's customer marketing solutions make it easier.

Capture More Shoppers

Boost organic rankings and improve ad performance by enriching Google marketing with ratings & reviews.

Smarter Social Marketing

Use UGC and actionable customer data to increase engagement, improve targeting and reduce ad costs.

Scale Word-of-Mouth

Tap into your customers’ personal networks to efficiently reach and acquire new customers.

Showcase Social Proof

Build trust and drive onsite conversions with high-impact ratings and reviews, visual UGC and Q&A.

Grow Brand Community

Create unique brand communities that spark excitement, create new paths to purchase and inspire loyalty.

Optimize Conversions

Understand buyer behaviors, uncover purchase blockers and create frictionless experiences.

Reward Loyal Customers

Build personalized loyalty programs that drive repeat purchases and maximize lifetime value.

Elevate Experiences

Monitor customer satisfaction, measure customer loyalty and identify engaged brand advocates.

Personalize Marketing

Source actionable customer data to power the personalized interactions customers love.

Connected to your tech

Unified customer profiles and integrations with 65+ tools ensure customer data is available when and where needed to power better marketing.

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