How Love Wellness Boosts Review Generation and Builds Customer Trust with One Centralized Platform for Reviews and Surveys




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increase of order-to-review rate in just eight months


all-time review rating

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Love Wellness easily accesses its customer data with one easy-to-use platform for Reviews and Surveys.
  2. 02 Okendo helps Love Wellness build trust with customers on retail sites like Target and Walmart.


Love Wellness is dedicated to providing effective and safe wellness products, focusing on areas often neglected or stigmatized in women’s health. The brand is committed to creating non-toxic, non-irritating products, free from harmful chemicals.

“The technology and customer experience behind leaving a review through Okendo is seamless.”

Amanda Kwasniewicz

VP of Customer Experience

Love Wellness


  • Love Wellness used multiple providers for reviews and surveys before they sought out a robust tech stack with healthy integrations.
  • As a customer-first brand that makes critical business decisions based on feedback, Love Wellness needed to consolidate their Surveys and Reviews solution to get all of their customers’ data in one place.
  • Selling on retail sites like Walmart and Target is huge for the brand. Love Wellness needed to generate more reviews to syndicate to these stores to build trust with customers.

“Load time is critical in conversion rate. With Okendo, the review widget doesn’t slow down our site. The tech just works.”

Amanda Kwasniewicz

VP of Customer Experience

Love Wellness

Solution: Robust All-in-One Platform that Works Seamlessly with Integrations

  • The team at Love Wellness chose Okendo because they got everything they needed ‘right out of the box.’
  • Love Wellness easily launches new product kits successfully by using Okendo’s Grouping feature for reviews.
  • The Okendo-Gorgias integration helps the team at Love Wellness understand the customer from the type of review they leave, or, conversely, the customers who leave no reviews. With subscriptions being a huge part of their business, it’s critical that the team can see all customer data in one place. For example, when a customer is not satisfied with the subscription product they purchased, Love Wellness can offer customers the right product for them by easily accessing their unique profile.
  • Okendo helps Love Wellness show powerful social proof on retail stores. The brand doubled its order-to-review rate, and was able to launch on walmart.com with 40,000 reviews.


  • Increase in all-time review rating to 4.8.
  • 100% increase in order-to-review rate in just 8 months.
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“My only regret is not adding Okendo sooner. In just eight months, we doubled our order-to-review rate. That’s insane.”

Amanda Kwasniewicz

VP of Customer Experience

Love Wellness

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