How Luna Bronze Drives Conversions with Okendo Quizzes






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Key takeaways

  1. 01 Luna Bronze’s customers can now easily find the right tanning product for them.
  2. 02 Quizzes helped Luna Bronze boost conversions.


Founded in 2015, Luna Bronze is on a mission to provide its customers with a safe and natural alternative to harmful UV rays. The brand’s products are made with natural and organic ingredients of the highest quality, giving customers a beautiful, radiant glow.


  • After a failed stint with managing a headless website, Luna Bronze knew they needed to consolidate their tech stack and share data across platforms where possible.
  • Because self tanning is something that so many consumers have never tried before, Luna Bronze’s shoppers struggled to decide which products were best for them. If shoppers couldn’t find the right product, they wouldn’t always contact support, so Luna Bronze needed a solution to help shoppers find the right tanner for them based on their unique needs.
  • The team tried other quiz platforms before, but they were clunky to use and slow to get up and running.

“We tried some different quiz apps that were really clunky and hard to build. The quizzes were also difficult for customers to navigate. Okendo Quizzes was so easy to implement, and customers can now seamlessly find the right product for them.”

Maddy Balderson

Director & Co-Founder

Luna Bronze

Solution: A Consolidated Tech Stack with a Quizzes Platform that Works

  • Switching from a headless website to Shopify, Luna Bronze can now easily share customer data across platforms, such as with the Okendo-Klaviyo integration.
  • With Okendo, the team at Luna Bronze easily implemented a quiz into the shopping experience, displaying it on their homepage and in their email flows in Klaviyo.
  • Their quiz helps guide customers to the right tanner to purchase based on whether or not they’ve used self tanner before, or if customers are buying a tanning product as a gift.
  • The quiz then asks customers skin-related questions about themselves or for the gift recipient, including what part of their body they want to tan and skin tone.


  • 10% of all the brand’s online revenue is attributed to Quizzes.
  • The brand witnessed a 60x ROI.
  • Quizzes helped Luna Bronze boost conversions, with a 10% quizzes conversion rate.

“Quizzes makes up 10% of our online revenue.”

Maddy Balderson

Director & Co-Founder

Luna Bronze

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