Actionable insights, smarter marketing

Make better business decisions and elevate your brand with a continuous stream of reliable customer intelligence.

Profile Enrichment

Know what they want

Collect the customer preference and behavior data you need to power more personalized, impactful marketing.


More personal, more profitable

Push customer data to your marketing technologies so you can target the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

  • Real time data sync with Klaviyo & Attentive
  • Create more targeted customer segments
  • Send more personalized messages & offers
  • Generate more revenue-per-recipient

“Using data from Okendo to improve our abandon cart flows has been a total game changer! Click-through rate and revenue-per-recipient is the highest we've ever seen them.”

— Vera Yan, Co-Founder, Nimble Activewear

Send meaningful messages that convert

  • Use deep insights into top customers to find more high-value audiences
  • Drive repeat purchases with more targeted and timely messaging
  • Reduce reliance on 3rd party data
  • Improve ROAS

Let your data maximize your ad performance

Survey at every touch point

Engage customers throughout the buying journey with targeted, in-moment surveys that maximize response rates.

Contextual Targeting

Maximize survey response rates and collect the most actionable insights by precisely targeting specific audiences based on online behaviors and profile data.

Question Logic

Gain deeper insights with personalized survey logic that automatically routes customers to different questions based on previous answers.

Survey Rewards

Increase response rates with flexible survey incentives that get customers engaged and drive more sales.

Survey Builder

Choose from pre-built templates, or create your own, with a customizable survey builder that includes 8 different question types and flexible styling options.

Get started with over 50 survey templates

Collect demographics

Learn customer preferences

Understand buying intentions

Identify attribution sources

Discover brand advocates

Measure customer satisfaction

The Okendo platform

Get more from your technology

Customer Service

Find out why we’re known for having the very best customer experience in the industry.

Data Security

We're compliant with all major privacy and security regulations, including GDPR, CCPA and SOC2.


Connect your data and streamline your workflows with our 65+ integrations.


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