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Key takeaways

  1. 01 Reid Cycles easily sends referral requests to customers who submit a positive review.
  2. 02 Okendo provides Reid Cycles with an easy-to-use consolidated tech stack for seamless workflows.


Reid Cycles provides Australia’s best value bikes by cutting out the middle-men. Designed by Australians for Australians, Reid Cycles creates great bikes by combining fashion, function, and quality.


With high AOV, Reid Cycles was looking to give its discount and research-driven customers an extra reason to decide to purchase a bike.

“We chose Okendo Referrals because of our positive experience with Reviews. Customers like the interface, and we’ve had much higher review response rates than Trustpilot or other tools we’ve used. We have found it really helps to consolidate our tech stack into the smallest number of providers possible to get the job done, so we’re happy to consider any tools released by Okendo.”

David Hannay

GM/Marketing Director

Reid Cycles

Solution: A Consolidated Tech Stack that Makes it Easy to Turn Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

  • Reid Cycles was already using Okendo Reviews, and now with Okendo Referrals, they can enhance this low-cost word-of-mouth marketing channel by asking customers who already submitted positive reviews to also provide a referral.
  • The team set up a referral program that provides a $20 incentive to both the customer and for the friend or family member who was referred if they spend $100.
  • The setup of Okendo Referrals was simple, and Reid Cycles now consolidates their tech stack into one platform with Reviews and Referrals.

“Okendo Referrals stands out for its efficacy in its specialised domain. The tool excels in converting referrals into customers providing significant value to our operational toolkit.”

Daniel McAllister

Ecommerce Manager

Reid Cycles


  • The brand saw an impressive 25.6% referral conversion rate.
  • Okendo Referrals positively impacts Reid Cycles revenue, with a 14.4x ROI.
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“Implementing Okendo Referrals was a straightforward process, seamlessly integrating with Shopify offerings. Since incorporating Referrals into our strategy, we've observed an impressive overall referral conversion rate of 25.6%.”

Daniel McAllister

Ecommerce Manager

Reid Cycles

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