Increasing Review Generation & Improving Customer Experiences Through SMS







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increase in review request click rate


increase in review generation

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Pushed timely SMS notifications to consumers post-purchase to dive more review generation.
  2. 02 Review generation rate for requests sent via SMS was 1.3x higher than those sent via email.


Scotch Porter is a grooming brand offering affordable luxury to men chasing that “fresh from the barber” high. With a strong focus on natural ingredients and multi-functional products that meet (and exceed) everyday expectations, Scotch Porter has built up a strong following of dedicated customers who love the brand’s empathetic approach to hair and skincare.


  • As an established DTC brand, Scotch Porter’s reputation is built on a deep understanding of what its customers want from their daily grooming products.
  • By utilizing Okendo’s product & customer attributes and UGC generation tools, Scotch Porter was able to use customer feedback in reviews to deliver an exceptional customer experience on-site.
  • Seeing the uplift in conversion rates that customer reviews & UGC brought to the business, Scotch Porter’s agency Lunar Solar Group, was keen to amplify their review generation strategy even further with SMS.

Solution: Connecting on a Deeper Level with Customers with the Okendo-Postscript Integration

  • Using the Okendo-Postscript integration, Scotch Porter was able to send review requests via SMS, reaching opted-in shoppers on their preferred communication channel.
  • Thanks to Okendo Sequences, Lunar Solar Group was able to quickly build a multi-step, multi-channel review request automation that optimizes each customer’s communication preferences.
  • Customers who had opted into SMS communications were sent a review request message through Postscript 14 days after order fulfillment. If left unanswered, a reminder SMS was sent 7 days later.
  • Meanwhile, customers who had not given permission for SMS were contacted via email, at these same intervals.


  • Within only 30 days of implementing Okendo-Postscript, Scotch Porter saw a 12% increase in review generation.
  • The review generation rate for requests sent via SMS was 1.3x higher than those sent via email.
  • Through the Okendo-Postscript Integration, Scotch Porter now has a collection of valuable customer reviews & UGC to leverage throughout their site to connect deeper with customers, uphold their stellar customer experience, and drive conversion rates.

“We leverage Okendo to gather reviews, feedback and photo & video assets from our consumers surrounding our products. This feedback gives us insight into understanding how we’re delivering on our brand promise as well as identify areas of opportunity around things such as developing new products.”

Aleesha Worthington

Sr. Brand Director of Marketing & Ecommerce

Scotch Porter


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