How Beauty of Joseon Personalizes the Skincare Routine for Customers with Okendo Quizzes










reduction in customer service inquiries


quiz completion rate

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Okendo Quizzes allows Beauty of Joseon to offer a personalized recommendation based on each customer’s unique skincare needs.
  2. 02 Beauty of Joseon can introduce shoppers to a wider range of product lines by offering recommendations for a full skincare routine.


Dedicated to using traditional methods, Beauty of Joseon creates clean and effective skincare products. With a global customer base, they ship to 40 countries and are committed to expanding their reach.


  • One of the recurring questions the customer service team at Beauty of Joseon received was related to skincare recommendations for different skin types. The team received 500 inquiries within 5 months.
  • After the brand went viral, Beauty of Joseon’s fan base grew at a fast rate. The problem was that the data clearly showed that the first-time shopper wasn’t sure what skincare products to purchase besides sunscreen.
  • The team wanted to expand more sales into skincare products beyond sunscreen because all of the brand’s product types are most effective for the customer when used together.

“The Skin Quiz really streamlines the customer experience by recommending the full regimen skincare routine. By providing products to satisfy each step in the process, it benefits not only the customer but also our customer service team, resulting in an impressive 90% reduction in skincare product recommendation inquiries.”

Hyona Cho

Brand Communications Manager

Beauty of Joseon

Solution: A Personalized and Engaging Shopping Experience with an Easy-to-Use Platform

  • In partnership with global marketing agency Beyond Borders Inc., Beauty of Joseon created a Skin Quiz that focuses on asking questions about customers’ lifestyle, skin type, and concerns. Products such as cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen are then shown for a fully personalized skincare regimen.
  • After the Skin Quiz launched, skincare recommendation inquiries dropped to 90%, saving the customer service team tons of time. Now, the team can dedicate that time to answering more in-depth customer issues, such as questions about specific ingredients.

“The setup and implementation of the Skin Quiz was pretty much one click and done. The entire process was seamless and we received excellent support from Okendo.”

Jake Jang

Marketing Director & Co-Founder

Beyond Borders Inc.


  • Okendo Quizzes positively impacts the brand’s revenue, with a 248% ROI.
  • The Skin Quiz completion rate is an impressive 87%.
  • Beauty of Joseon saw an 8% quiz conversion rate, more than double the entire store’s conversion rate.

“We’ve seen an impressive 87% completion rate for Beauty of Joseon’s Skin Quiz. I’ve used a lot of different quiz apps and have never seen that level of completion rate before.”

Jake Jang

Marketing Director & Co-Founder

Beyond Borders Inc.

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