How The Quick Flick Increased Conversions and AOV with the Help of Okendo








relative increase in AOV


increase in conversion rate

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Easily syndicates reviews across all markets.
  2. 02 Improved products with specific customer feedback.


Applying eye makeup is particularly time-consuming and difficult to master. Fortunately, anyone tired of spending too much time in the morning trying to get their winged eyeliner and lashes just right can turn to The Quick Flick, a leading provider of compact and multi-functional eye cosmetics and skincare products. The Quick Flick has rapidly made a name for itself thanks to its cruelty-free, nontoxic makeup and tools that save customers time and effort.


  • The Quick Flick knows that reviews are essential for shoppers to understand how a cosmetic product will work for them.
  • The brand’s previous reviews provider wasn’t streamlined or customizable enough. The off-brand elements of its reviews display provided a negative customer experience, leaving shoppers uncertain about purchasing.
  • As a growing company, the brand wanted to collect detailed customer feedback about its products to scale product development, but Quick Flick needed to find a solution to encourage shoppers to be more detailed in their reviews.

“Migrating to Okendo was incredibly easy. The team managed the entire process for us, so it was completely pain-free.”

Iris Smit

Founder & CEO

The Quick Flick

Solution: A Streamlined Review Generation Process and Easy Ability to Collect UGC

  • To improve customer purchasing confidence and products, the Quick Flick uses Okendo’s Attributes feature to collect product feedback on elements like quality, staying power, ease of use, and speed of application in reviews. The brand also collects customer attributes on age range, eye size, type, and color.
  • The brand was able to create a reviews widget that matches the look and feel of its brand, helping to increase conversions.
  • With online stores in Australia, the EU, UK, and the US, the brand can easily syndicate reviews across markets without needing to build new communities from scratch.


  • The Quick Flick experienced a 2.8x relative increase in conversion rates because of content-rich reviews.
  • The brand also saw a 9.4% relative increase in AOV.
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“We’ve seen increased conversions from boosted customer confidence when purchasing our products. Additionally, we’ve been able to improve our products by understanding the specific feedback points we can curate through Okendo. This insight has led to an improved shopping experience and long-term customer retention.”

Iris Smit

Founder and CEO

The Quick Flick

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