How Groove Life Boosted SMS Review Generation with Okendo & Attentive






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increase in review generation


increase in ROI from coupons

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Personalizes SMS messaging with the help of Okendo.
  2. 02 Can easily send review requests with email and SMS.


Born in Alaska and now based in Tennessee, Groove Life is an adventure-inspired, outdoor lifestyle provider of breathable and flexible rings, watch bands, and belts for those who need equipment to match their active lifestyles.


  • As a customer-centric brand that focuses on word-of-mouth and brand advocacy, Groove Life needed a way to solicit reviews and zero-party data at a larger scale.
  • Groove Life was already utilizing Okendo review incentives and customer attributes to collect reviews via email.
  • With a highly effective SMS program already in place, Groove Life turned to the Okendo-Attentive integration to send review requests via SMS and meet customers at their preferred marketing channel.

Solution: Utilize the Okendo-Attentive Integration to Generate More Reviews & Zero-Party Data via SMS

  • With the seamless Okendo-Attentive integration, Groove Life is now able to solicit customer reviews via SMS instead of relying on email alone.
  • Groove Life boosted week-over-week review generation by 98% within two days of utilizing the integration.
  • The team segments customers based on the zero-party data collected from Okendo Reviews such as their interests, like hiking and working out, and can then send relevant SMS messages through Attentive based on what gear each activity may require.


  • Groove Life saw a 29% increase in total review generation.
  • Increased ROI by 53% from using coupons to incentivize reviews and UGC.

“Okendo and Attentive have done an incredible job in bringing this integration together. In just two days we saw a 98% increase in review generation compared to the previous week. There’s so much functionality there, the UI is easy to use, and we use the data we’ve collected with it to make all kinds of strategic marketing decisions.”

Roman Haviland

Former Director of Owned Media

Groove Life


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