How Bed Threads Increased Conversions with Okendo








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Key takeaways

  1. 01 Shoppers can easily discover the perfect color match for their bedding with Okendo Quizzes.
  2. 02 The team got up and running on Okendo Quizzes in just one day.


Bed Threads has been hard at work since 2017 to give customers the space and sleep of their dreams a reality. The brand offers accessible, eco-friendly bedding that is 100% pure French flax linen.


  • With 28 colors of bedding options for shoppers to choose from, Bed Threads needed to create an engaging, personalized shopping experience for their customers to help them mitigate decision fatigue when it comes to color.
  • The Bed Threads team also wanted a reliable way to collect zero-party data for segmented marketing communications through Klaviyo.

“Okendo Quizzes is easy to set up, our shoppers love the guided experience, and we’ve seen an incredible, immediate impact of a 17% conversion rate and 25x ROI.”

Julia Teen

Head of Ecommerce

Bed Threads

Solution: A Quizzes Platform that Allows for Fast and Easy Setup

  • Bed Threads’ Color Quiz quiz helps customers decide which colors they want to purchase in Bed Threads’ bundle builder offering, which drives conversion.
  • The team got up and running on Okendo Quizzes quickly, and the setup was easy. Bed Threads was able to publish their 5-question quiz onsite quickly and seamlessly.
  • Okendo Quizzes gives Bed Threads actionable customer data — such as preferred colors and ideal bedroom decor — that they need to personalize marketing campaigns.


  • The brand experienced a 25x ROI from Quizzes in the first 60 days.
  • Bed Threads saw a 17% conversion rate from shoppers who took their quiz.