How ICEMULE Coolers Drives Conversions and Increases Revenue with Okendo Quizzes



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Key takeaways

  1. 01 ICEMULE Coolers’ customers can now easily find the cooler that matches their preferable outdoor experience.
  2. 02 Quizzes helped ICEMULE Coolers reduce returns by 60%.


ICEMULE Coolers set out to change the cooler as customers know it. Made for a simple reason – wherever you go, your cooler should go, ICEMULE Coolers have the portability of a backpack combined with the performance of a hard box cooler.


  • After starting out by selling one cooler, ICEMULE Coolers introduced new products since its beginnings in 2014. Because shoppers now have a variety of options, they were purchasing coolers bigger than expected.
  • The team needed a strategy to help shoppers find the right size cooler for them based on their unique needs and preferences.

“Quizzes keeps our AOV above average compared to other channels, increasing our overall revenue by 5%.”

Duffy Flynn

Customer Experience and Operations


Solution: An Easy-to-Setup Quizzes Solution that Provides ICEMULE Coolers with Valuable Zero-Party Data in One Platform

  • The team at ICEMULE Coolers set up the “Find your ICEMULE” quiz, taking shoppers through a series of questions asking about their outdoor experience, including where they like to explore and who they like to explore with.
  • Quizzes provide ICEMULE Coolers with zero-party data that informs marketing strategies and product direction.
  • The setup of Quizzes was easy, and they have the ability to test the quiz in platform to make sure product recommendations are working.
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“Our quiz takes the shopper through the thought process of ‘why I need this product,’ then presents the best solution at the end. This has led to an impressive 18% conversion rate.”

Duffy Flynn

Customer Experience and Operations



  • Since implementing Quizzes into the shopping experience, the brand saw an impressive 60% reduction in returns by driving customers to the right product for their needs.
  • Quizzes have helped ICEMULE Coolers convert customers, with an 18% conversion rate from quizzes.
  • With the help of Quizzes, the brand increased their total revenue by 5%, leading to a 19x ROI.

“To make sure that a quiz works properly, it’s important to think about it from the view of your consumer and figure out how you can help that person find the product. Once you do that, the Okendo platform makes setting up a quiz very easy to do.”

Duffy Flynn

Customer Experience and Operations


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