Why The Collagen Co. Switched to Okendo Referrals from Yotpo: Highly Customizable and Easy-to-Use Platform



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Key takeaways

  1. 01 Okendo provides The Collagen Co. with an easy-to-use referrals platform that Yotpo could not offer.
  2. 02 The Collagen Co. uses its referral program to turn its engaged community of loyal customers into Superfans.


The Collagen Co. is on a mission to help customers feel confident, radiant, and unstoppable through the transformative power of Collagen.


  • With rising customer acquisition costs, The Collagen Co. needed a way to tap into their engaged community of customers to help spread the positive word about their brand.
  • The Collagen Co. tried to use Yotpo to solve its challenges, but the platform caused more problems than it helped solve.

Solution: An Easy-to-Use, Low-Cost Solution to Acquire Customers

  • The Collagen Co. now seamlessly sends referral requests to their most loyal customers, turning them into brand advocates and Superfans.
  • The team’s campaign to announce the launch of their referral program was a big success. The Collagen Co. offers $25 as a referral reward for the customer and for the friend or family member who was referred. This shows customers’ appreciation for their advocacy.
  • The team can easily customize the design of their referral requests to match the look and feel of the brand for consistency across customer touchpoints.


  • The brand saw an immediate impact of 9.7% conversion rate.
  • The Collagen Co. also witnessed a 20x ROI in the first 90 days of launching Referrals.
  • A 20-minute setup that allowed the team to get up and running with launching the referral program fast.
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“Okendo Referrals is easy to use, highly customizable, and the setup only takes minutes. We’ve seen 20x ROI and 9.7% conversion rate in just one month of launching the program.”

Nicole Mitrov

Digital Content Manager

The Collagen Co.

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