How Grace and Lace Boosts Review Generation and Seamlessly Asks Customers for Referrals with a Unified Customer Marketing Platform







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of email revenue attributed to review request flows


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Key takeaways

  1. 01 Grace and Lace activates their Superfan community as a powerful marketing channel for supporting and promoting their products with Okendo Reviews and Referrals.
  2. 02 Automatically asks 4- & 5-star reviewers to refer their friends from a single platform.
  3. 03 Syncing reviews to Google Shopping has helped contribute to a 60% increase in organic traffic to Grace and Lace’s website.


One of Founder Melissa Hinnant’s greatest passions is sewing. Starting with one pair of lacey boot socks in the fall of 2011, Melissa’s passion and skill created a consumer demand that rapidly surpassed what she could handle alone. Her entrepreneurial endeavors ultimately led to what is now Grace and Lace — a full-scale women’s apparel company with hundreds of offered products and a loyal customer community.


  • Grace and Lace’s customers were already active and engaged, but the brand wanted a way to capture their enthusiasm and display it onsite to generate content, zero-party data, and credibility.
  • Knowing the importance of rich reviews for consumers to get confidence that the product will fit their body type and lifestyle, the Grace and Lace team wanted to integrate rewards and reviews to thank their customers for sharing deeply personal details and being part of the brand story.
  • Understanding the value of zero-party data, the team at Grace and Lace needed a platform that would help them get actionable customer data for product development and marketing personalization.
  • Grace & Lace’s agency partner recommended Okendo to facilitate an integrated tech stack with a seamless and self-running review and reward system.

“Consumers in the clothing industry once wanted to buy into an ideal; today, they are more interested in authenticity. We have found that a community of consumers supporting and promoting our products is one of the most powerful marketing tools we have.”

Molly Drees

Channel Coordinator

Grace and Lace

Solution: A Customer Marketing Platform with Strong Integrations and Enhanced Review Capture Form

  • With the Okendo-Klaviyo integration, Grace and Lace was able to send advanced review requests flows and deliver more personalized messaging.
  • Okendo’s lookback feature helped Grace & Lace capture customer reviews from customers who made purchases in the past.
  • Okendo’s one-page review capture form made it easy for customers to leave a review. With a simple process for customers to leave feedback,
  • Grace and Lace boasted a review completion rate of 80% and increased UGC by 21%.
  • With Okendo’s Google Shopping integration, Grace and Lace syndicated star ratings and reviews on Google, contributing to a 60% rise in organic traffic.
  • Grace and Lace is able to connect Okendo Reviews and Referrals, asking their 4- and 5-star reviewers to recommend a friend or family member. This helps Grace & Lace’s goal of creating a community of Superfans to promote their products and increase customer acquisition at a low cost.

“The switch to Okendo Referrals from LoyaltyLion was so smooth, taking only an hour to set up. Okendo is super easy to use, and it’s amazing to have an interconnected platform to streamline our operations.”

Molly Drees

Channel Coordinator

Grace and Lace


  • 25% of Grace and Lace’s email revenue was attributed to review request email flows within the first 90 days of launching.
  • Because of Okendo’s easy-to-use review capture form, Grace and Lace increased to an 80% review completion rate and increased UGC by 21%.
  • Grace and Lace’s team saves time and money by utilizing a single customer marketing platform for reviews and referrals.

“Our organic Google traffic is up 60%, transactions are up 50%, revenue is up 100% and paid Google traffic and transactions are both up 20% — with revenue up 60% when comparing this quarter with the one immediately prior — so we can tell that displaying reviews makes an extremely positive difference for us!”

Molly Drees

Channel Coordinator

Grace and Lace