How Cyclone Pods Decreased Product-Related Questions and Boosted Revenue with Okendo





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Key takeaways

  1. 01 Okendo Quizzes helped Cyclone Pod shoppers combat decision fatigue and increase conversion by guiding them to the right product for their needs.
  2. 02 The team can easily test a quiz in the platform before pushing it live.


Cyclone Pods is a nicotine-free vaping company whose goal is to help people addicted to tobacco and nicotine find an effective solution to help them quit with a line of nicotine-free vapor products. The brand has helped people from across the country quit vaping altogether.


  • Cyclone Pods was receiving lots of questions from shoppers about the differences between their products, making it more difficult for customers to make purchasing decisions. Although the team provided details about each vaping product on their website, shoppers needed something more interactive and personal to find the right product for them.
  • Customers weren’t sure where to start shopping when they landed on Cyclone Pods’ website because of the brand’s hyper-specific product lines. For example, some products are better for one-time use, some products are more cost-effective, and some last longer, so there are several features customers are looking for.

Solution: Easy-to-Use Quizzes Platform with Ability to Test the Quiz Before Pushing it Live

  • Cyclone Pods now gives its shoppers an interactive, fast way to find the right product for them with the quiz, “Which Nicotine Free Vape Device is Right for Me?”
  • After implementing Okendo Quizzes, the team saw a 60% decrease in customer support tickets related to product questions.
  • The setup of Okendo Quizzes was easy, and Cyclone Pods can test their quiz in the platform before pushing it live to provide customers with an excellent shopping experience.


  • The brand saw a 147x ROI from Quizzes.
  • Cyclone Pods saw a 19% conversion rate for quiz takers.
  • Because the team created an interactive quiz that provides the right product recommendations for shoppers’ needs, Cyclone Pods saw a 60% decrease in customer support tickets related to product questions.
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“One of the biggest advantages of Okendo Quizzes is being able to test the quiz over and over again in the platform and fine-tune it to where I could give customers the best experience and product recommendation for their answer choices. There’s so much value of that feature, which is evident based on the success that we’ve had.”

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