Perfect Your CX

Reviews, Support and Creating Impactful Customer Touch Points

1 Hour

Friday, February 25, 2022


  • Jessica Grossman

    Founder & CEO

  • Lindsay Kolinsky

    Partner Marketing Manager

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A lot goes into your brand’s customer experience, including: social proof, onsite navigation, design, customer service, shipping & fulfilment, and more. It’s a lot for any brand to take on, so join Jessica Grossman, Founder & CEO of In Social in this exciting Masterclass, “Perfect Your CX: Reviews, Support, and Creating Impactful Customer Touch Points.”

We dive into:

  • How to implement a full-circle approach to customer service and engagement,
  • The most critical digital touch points to pay attention to,
  • Best practices for proactively creating memorable customer experiences, and
  • How to resolve issues when things go wrong.