On-Site Conversion

Leverage your visitor interactions to increase sales and combat CAC

1 Hour

Thursday, February 23, 2023


  • Lindsay Kolinsky

    Sr. Marketing Lead

    Okendo Logo
  • Colleen Schneider

    Customer Success Manager, Team Lead

  • Steph Carcamo

    Customer Experience & Support Operations Manager

  • Swad Sathe

    Strategic Partnerships Manager

  • Wes Buckwalter



Don’t let the rising costs of attracting new customers be a threat to your sales goals in 2023. By focusing on on-site conversion, brands can maximize their acquisition spend to turn new website visitors into lifelong, repeat customers.

In this panel webinar, industry experts from Okendo, Searchspring, Seamonster Studios, Justuno and Sezzle will share strategies for conversion rate optimization, including how to:

  • Showcase social proof to build trust with first-time buyers
  • Predict customers needs through site-search
  • Prompt visitors through personalized nudges and pop-ups
  • Never miss an opportunity through accessibility compliance
  • Seal the deal with multiple payment options