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Build Your Dream Loyalty Program with Okendo Loyalty

Jun 3, 2024 | 5 minute read

Build Your Dream Loyalty Program with Okendo Loyalty

Megan Wenzl

Content Marketing Manager

Maximize customer lifetime value, increase customer engagement, and drive revenue with Okendo Loyalty

We’re excited to announce the launch of Okendo Loyalty!

Okendo Loyalty combines deep customization capabilities with an ultra-intuitive interface, making it easy to build your dream loyalty program.

With all features available on all plans and hands-on guidance from Okendo’s loyalty experts, you can finally launch a loyalty program that is uniquely tailored to your customer community and maximizes lifetime value.

Loyalty rounds out a series of product launches to expand Okendo’s customer marketing platform. With the combination of Reviews, Referrals, Quizzes, and Surveys, Loyalty works seamlessly with the connected products in the platform, allowing brands to save time and money with better insights, more streamlined workflows, and actionable customer data all in one place.

What is Okendo Loyalty?

Loyalty programs help brands increase customer engagement and drive more repeat purchases with compelling rewards for completing target actions. With Okendo Loyalty, brands such as Dixxon, Luna Bronze, and Jordan Craig have built loyalty programs that are uniquely designed for their customers, maximizing lifetime value and building stronger relationships.

A powerful solution that is easy to use, brands can deeply customize a points program with extensive earning rules that drive shoppers toward targeted actions such as sign-ups, video reviews, social interaction, friend referrals, and more. Loyalty members can then redeem points for flexible rewards that ultimately drive repeat purchases.

Brands can further increase engagement by creating custom VIP tiers that motivate members with custom perks such as early access to new product drops, exclusive event invites, and more. To maximize engagement throughout the shopping journey, brands can create four onsite loyalty displays. The displays provide shoppers with easy access to sign up for your program or access their points, no matter where they are on your site, with customizable loyalty widgets, landing pages, and account portals.

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations begins with understanding what customers value. Okendo Loyalty reporting is clean and actionable, making it easy for brands to track performance against ROI and engagement metrics such as member revenue, new sign-ups, outstanding coupon values, and more. Through analyzing this data, brands can discover which products their customers love, what experiences they desire most, and which rewards drive conversions. Identifying these important insights is the key to unlocking business critical strategies that turn one-time shoppers into loyal Superfans.

“Okendo Loyalty makes it much more efficient [to connect with our VIBs, or Very Important Bronzers]. Now, we have a strategy to start fostering relationships with those VIBs.”

Maddy Balderson
Director & Co-Founder
Luna Bronze

DTC competition has been consistently on the rise. Now more than ever, brands need to give loyal customers the personalized experiences that ultimately increase retention. Okendo’s unified customer profiles provide instant access to vital customer data from across all products enabling brands to create more personalized marketing campaigns. With Loyalty, brands can automatically save customer data such as points balances, points earned, and redemptions in one unified profile for segmentation to personalize communications that boost member engagement.

Why Do You Need a Loyalty Program?

Loyalty programs help brands improve retention by ensuring consistent customer engagement. Implementing a loyalty program helps you stand out in a competitive landscape, rewarding your engaged Superfans, encouraging them to stay loyal, and motivating them to advocate for your brand. This leads to increased customer lifetime value over time by building stronger emotional connections between customers and your brand. According to research by Okendo, 77% of customers are more likely to be loyal to a brand long-term if they offer a loyalty program.

Here are the key reasons why you need a loyalty program in your customer marketing strategy.

  • Drive more revenue: Loyalty builds stronger customer relationships with rewards that drive repeat purchases and ultimately maximizes lifetime value.
  • Increase customer engagement: Keep loyal customers happy, and boost new customer loyalty, with flexible rewards that keep them coming back.
  • Unified customer profiles: Aggregate customer data such as points balances, points earned, and redemptions to use for segmentation to power more personalized marketing campaigns.

“With Okendo Loyalty, we’ve seen a 19% AOV uplift within just 30 days of launching the program.”

Chris Boyd
Outwork Nutrition

Why Choose Okendo Loyalty?

Okendo makes it easy to launch a loyalty program that drives results for long-term, sustainable success, no matter your brand’s growth stage.

Here’s why you should choose Okendo Loyalty for your loyalty program.

  • Access to all features: Define, customize, and manage your loyalty program without any added costs. With Okendo, you get unlimited access to all features on every plan.
  • Strategic services: Get hands-on, strategic support with every step of building your loyalty program, from setup and design to driving ongoing engagement with marketing guidance.
  • One consolidated platform: Save time and money with the only customer marketing platform that combines the power of Reviews, Surveys, Referrals, Quizzes, and Loyalty in one consolidated platform. Improve productivity and streamline workflows all in one place.

“Setting up Okendo Loyalty was so fast and simple! Managing customer loyalty alongside reviews, referrals, and quizzes from one platform has been a huge time and cost saving for our team.”

Rachel Midori
Owner & Founder
Midori Bikinis

Build your dream loyalty program with Okendo Loyalty. Speak with our sales team or your customer success manager to learn more about how you can integrate Loyalty into your customer marketing strategy today.

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