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New Integration: Okendo & Postscript

Nov 10, 2020 | 4 minute read

New Integration: Okendo & Postscript

Rachel Tyers

Just in time for BFCM and the Holiday season, we are excited to announce that Okendo is now integrated with Postscript, the leading SMS platform for Shopify brands! ūüéČ

The Power of SMS

SMS is experiencing an incredible renaissance as DTC brands fast become attuned to its near unrivalled ability to reach and engage customers.

Consider the following data points about SMS from Postscript:

  • ~90% open rates¬†can be expected
  • 35%+ click-through rates¬†are common
  • Engagement rates¬†are often¬†6-7x times higher¬†than email

With performance results like these, and with 81% of traffic and 71% of orders on Shopify stores originating from a mobile device in Q4 2019, it’s clear there is a major opportunity for brands to drive growth by incorporating SMS into their marketing channels.

SMS Review Requests

To help merchants capitalize on this opportunity, Okendo is now integrated with Postscript, the leading SMS marketing app for fast-growing Shopify stores.

Using the Postscript integration, Okendo users can now send review requests via SMS, reaching opted-in shoppers on their preferred communication channel.

Early adopters of the integration such as Scotch Porter are achieving significant increases in their overall rates of review & UGC generation.

In fact, measured over a period of 30 days, and compared to only sending review requests via email, all early adopters were able to increase review generation by at least 12.5% while top performers were able to achieve increases as high as 20%!

SMS review request with a 20% off next purchase incentive

The integration is enabled and configured within Sequences, Okendo’s uniquely powerful automation engine that makes it easy to implement a multi-step, multi-channel review & UGC generation program.

Merchants can now add an SMS send ‚Äėblock‚Äô to any point in an existing or newly created Okendo Sequence. This type of flexibility gives merchants the ability to determine where in the review request journey are the optimal points for reaching customers via SMS vs email.

Automatic Okendo sequence to send an SMS review request

Results & Implementation Examples

Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter is a fast-growing, DTC beauty brand for men. With an already high-performing review sequence in Okendo, Scotch Porter was interested in exploring what further lifts could be achieved by sending review requests via SMS.

After a 14-day delay from order fulfillment, customers who opted into SMS communications were sent an initial review request message. After 7 days, a reminder SMS was sent. Customers not opted into SMS were instead sent emails at these same intervals.

During a 30 day testing period, SMS outperformed email in both click-rate and overall review generation rate. On a relative basis, the click-rate for SMS review requests was 3x higher than the click-rate for email review requests, while the ultimate review generation rate for SMS was 1.3x higher than email.

‚ÄúAt Scotch Porter, we‚Äôre focused on meeting our consumers where they are.¬†Using Okendo‚Äôs Postscript integration to reach customers via SMS, we‚Äôve increased our overall rate of review generation by at least 12%.‚ÄĚ

Aleesha Worthington, Sr. Brand Director of Marketing & Ecommerce

Scotch Porter

Okendo & Postscript

Now available on Okendo’s Power plan, the Postscript integration makes it easy for merchants to send SMS review requests. Early adopter results are highly compelling and should motivate all merchants to consider adding SMS to their review program, particularly those already actively using SMS for other types of marketing campaigns.

Postscript is offering an exclusive Okendo-client discount of 45 days free of unlimited text messages. Click here to claim 15 extra days of your Postscript free trial.

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