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New Integration: Okendo & Rebuy

Apr 14, 2021 | 3 minute read

New Integration: Okendo & Rebuy

Rachel Tyers

Personalized customer experiences are fast-becoming the new standard in online shopping. That’s why we’re excited to announce Okendo is now integrated with Rebuy, a leading personalization engine for Shopify and direct-to-consumer brands! 🎉

Ecommerce Personalization

Recent research from Accenture shows that an incredible 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who provide relevant offers and recommendations.

And yet, a mere 15% of retailers have fully implemented personalization strategies.

Introducing Rebuy – a powerful new personalization solution, built specifically for Shopify and that makes it easy to implement advanced personalization capabilities that drives shopper engagement and revenue generation.

Rebuy uses consumer intelligence to guide consumer actions towards actions that drive more revenue through product discovery, increased average order value, repeat purchase behavior.

Examples of personalized experiences that Rebuy can power include:

  • Real-time product recommendations onsite
  • Dynamic offers to drive cross-sells and upsells
  • Automated subscriber churn win-backs

Rebuy powers the personalization programs for thousands of fast-growing Shopify brands such as Crossnet and Primal Kitchen.

Okendo <> Rebuy Integration

Integrating Okendo with Rebuy enables merchants to augment their Rebuy powered onsite personalization experiences with high-impact social proof such as stars, ratings and reviews.

The impact of this enhancement is demonstrable with early adopters reporting significant increases to key measures such as engagement, conversion rates and average order value.

Implementation Examples

All Rebuy powered experiences can be dynamically enhanced with social proof data from Okendo ensuring key touch points throughout the onsite buying journey can be optimized.

Take a look at a range of social proof enhanced personalization touch points from the deployments of early adopters of the Okendo <> Rebuy integration.

Homepage Product Recommendations: Hollywood Hair Bar

Four types of hair growth serum with the review star aggregate rating of each product

PDP Product Recommendations: Primal Kitchen

Condiment product recommendations with the review star aggregate rating of each product

Checkout Page Upsell: Miracle Mink

Product recommendation on a checkout page with the review aggregate star rating of a night serum product

Okendo & Rebuy

Now available on all Okendo plans, the Rebuy integration makes it easy for merchants to almost immediately improve the performance of their personalization program. Results from early adopters of the integration are compelling and should motivate merchants not already utilizing personalized product recommendations, upsells and cross-sells to consider doing so as a means of driving additional sales and an improved, more differentiated customer experience.

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