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More Reviews & UGC, Faster: Okendo Releases Optimized Review Capture Process

Nov 17, 2021 | 6 minute read

More Reviews & UGC, Faster: Okendo Releases Optimized Review Capture Process

Will Miedema

Generate more, higher-quality reviews with Okendo’s all-new Enhanced Review Capture Form.

Some big changes have just been released in the Okendo app. We’ve launched an all-new Enhanced Review Capture Form to streamline review generation, simplify user-generated content (UGC) collection, and give customers a better brand experience with a host of new features for styling your marketing campaigns. With this update, early adopters saw a 41% increase in review conversion while shortening the session time for users by 50%!

We’ve outlined the changes here, and we’re super excited to see how your store can use these updates to unlock the power of reviews and UGC in your marketing efforts.

What’s New?

The Enhanced Review Capture Form was built from the ground up with a mobile-first approach. It provides a streamlined and highly customizable single-page user experience, meant to significantly increase the quantity and quality of user-generated content. Here’s an overview of the changes and what they mean for your business.

Single-Page Review Submission

The new form has been reduced to a single page, without sacrificing data capture capabilities. Shortening the form significantly offers the following benefits:

  • Fewer clicks to complete the form
  • More review completions and submissions
  • An increase in UGC posted on your site.

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile optimization is all about upgrading the user experience—trimming the review capture form to a single page caters to a mobile crowd that’s responsible for submitting more than 75% of product reviews. For Okendo users, optimizing the form for mobile users means:

  • Less waiting on extra pages to load
  • Better completion and submission rates
  • Meeting the needs of your audience wherever they are
  • Building memorable brand experiences

With the Enhanced Review Capture Form, optimizing for mobile required transforming the review process into a flawless user experience, dramatically increasing completed reviews and user-generated content.

Customer Story: Grace & Lace

Apparel merchant Grace & Lace maximized use of the Enhanced Review Capture Form to increase total UGC generation by 21% for the month of October.

Grace & Lace uses Okendo for product and site ratings, reviews, and UGC in order to present their brand to new customers through ads, organic search, social media, brand communication, and onsite displays.
In a market that can sometimes feel saturated, this ‘social proof’ is one of the tools that has been so effective in capturing new attention, driving lifetime customer value, and setting their brand apart.

Post-Review Modules

With all-new post-review modules, you can request additional product reviews, site reviews, and encourage customers to shop highly rated products when they’re are at their peak engagement level. Here’s how you can continue engaging your customers, even after they’ve left you a product review.

Site Review

Site reviews give you the opportunity to collect data on a customer’s overall experience with your brand. This includes their shopping experience, how they felt about the customer service, your website, or even their recommendations for what could make their experience better. Site reviews are also incredibly useful for increasing your site’s Google presence, as they have a direct influence on your Google Seller Rating.

Review Other Products

Beyond requesting site reviews, you can also encourage customers to submit additional product reviews through a post-review module. Securing more reviews for your products helps build consumer trust across your entire product line, and spurs additional sales.

Shop More Products

This module is for directing customers back to a specific location in your store. If you offer coupons or loyalty programs to customers who leave reviews, customers can keep shopping and use any rewards they just earned.

Improved Branding and Customization

The updated form helps provide a better engagement experience by incorporating new engagement tools, such as showing earned rewards directly after a review is submitted and adding a “Shop Now” carousel that drives people back to your store.

The Enhanced Form also includes several other improved customizations too, such as:

  • Advanced styling customizations
  • Header style options
  • Font changes

The Enhanced Review Capture Form is also sure to grab customer attention by delivering personalized and brand-familiar experiences. One of the changes added to the app with this release is a live preview of the customizations—the preview updates as you build, giving a live look at any changes.

And if you need a hand creating the perfectly styled form, the new Auto Style feature automatically applies your branding to the form, greatly simplifying the design process. And the best part is, there’s no coding required!

Customer Highlight: Liquid Death

When Liquid Death was still using the Legacy Review Capture Form, their conversion rate on reviews was an already impressive. Once they updated to the Enhanced Review Capture Form as an early adopter in October, their conversion rate spiked by 20% — whoah!
With Okendo’s branding opportunities, Liquid Death presents their brand in a way that is witty, impactful, and downright funny—they offer customers a positive interaction right out of the gate, helping them feel confident and excited about the brand and products before ever making a purchase, simply through hearing the feedback of others.

Liquid Death has a unique marketing strategy, and Okendo allows them to stay true to their branding with advanced styling options and attributes.

Enhanced Review Capture is Here!

This update is available now for all Okendo plans at no additional cost. To use the Advanced Review Capture form and collect more reviews and UGC, simply click the “Go Live” button on the Capture page of the Okendo app. We’ve also put together a few help desk articles to guide you through getting the most out of the update. Now get out there and generate some reviews!

Okendo will definitely make a positive impact on your bottom line—there’s no end to the use cases for the service they provide. In a climate with concerns over data privacy and security, Okendo is the partner you want on your side, giving you the opportunity to voluntarily collect valuable customer feedback and drive results.”

Molly Drees, Channel Coordinator, Grace and Lace

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