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Okendo Partners With Walmart to Help Brands Drive Revenue on Walmart.com

Sep 7, 2022 | 2 minute read

Okendo Partners With Walmart to Help Brands Drive Revenue on Walmart.com

Matt Goodman

Co-founder, CEO

Syndicate Okendo-collected reviews to Walmart and leverage social proof to drive new conversions and increase revenue generated through Walmart product listings. 

Build trust and boost conversions on Walmart

Okendo has partnered with Walmart to give brands maximum visibility by easily syndicating new and existing reviews from their ecommerce site to product listings on Walmart.

Over 90% of shoppers consult reviews before making a purchase, meaning product ratings and reviews should be available on every channel where customers shop. Ecommerce brands that use Okendo can already take advantage of official review syndication partnerships with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and big-box retailers. And this new partnership offers a simplified and unlimited way for brands to sync reviews to Walmart so that product listings are continuously enriched with new user-generated content.

By leveraging user-generated content, like product ratings and reviews, ecommerce brands can inspire new purchases from a broader audience.

For brands that are new to Walmart or for those that have already started selling, it’s easy to start boosting your searchability and increasing conversions by syndicating your product reviews today.

Key benefits of the partnership

Ecommerce brands that sell products on Walmart will reach millions of new shoppers. But those that also syndicate their product ratings and reviews to Walmart will have a greater advantage to: 

Increase brand awareness: Grab the attention of shoppers from a broader audience and stand out from competitors with user-generated content shoppers can trust.

Drive more revenue: Encourage shoppers to make a purchase by leveraging your brand’s existing social proof.

Improve Listing Rank: Drive traffic to your products and give shoppers a reason to choose your products over competitors with product ratings and reviews.

As an added bonus, syndicating ratings and reviews to drive conversions on Walmart gets brands closer to earning a Pro Seller Badge indicating to shoppers that you’re an excellent and reliable choice.

“Okendo’s partnership with Walmart has enabled us to bridge the gap we once had on Walmart.com by leveraging existing reviews from Aloha.com. We’re able to build trust and increase conversions through not just one, but two channels!” 

David Piedrahita | eCommerce Manager

Get started today

 Walmart syndication is available to US-based brands. Book a demo to learn more.

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