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Productivity Spike: Okendo & Gorgias Optimize Customer Service Workflow

Mar 9, 2022 | 4 minute read

Productivity Spike: Okendo & Gorgias Optimize Customer Service Workflow

Lindsay Kolinsky

Director of Marketing


Mar 9th 2022


Okendo’s reimagined Gorgias integration streamlines customer service operations so teams can help customers faster than ever.

Customer service just got an upgrade. As a Gorgias preferred partner, Okendo optimizes customer service workflows, giving teams the tools they need to moderate and respond to reviews directly from Gorgias tickets.

Why update the integration?

It’s all about efficiency.

90% of U.S. customers rate an immediate customer service response (immediate being 10 minutes or less) as “important” or “very important” — making timely responses a critical component for strong customer retention. Additionally, nearly a third of customers expect businesses to respond to emails in one hour or less.

Deeper integration means your systems work better together. By using the expanded Okendo integration, not only will you provide faster response times to customer inquiries, you’ll equip your team to work more efficiently—it’s customer service, evolved. Say goodbye to duplicate data entry, increase productivity with your existing staff, and provide better service—no app-hopping required.

Okendo’s elevated integration with Gorgias provides merchants with an impressive set of features to create, respond, moderate, and manage reviews all within the Gorgias dashboard. Delivering on our promise of exceptional customer service is a collaborative effort and having a partner like Okendo, whose setting new industry standards for customer reviews, is exactly why this deeper integration will be transformative to the customer experience.”

Philippe Roireau, VP of Business Development and Partnerships


What Does the Integration Do?

Okendo’s Gorgias integration automatically creates tickets in Gorgias based on the content in each Okendo review. Now you have the opportunity to completely moderate, manage, and respond to those reviews from the Gorgias ticket without interrupting your workflow.

Here’s a look at the ways the enhanced functionality can help your business manage the customer experience.

Key Benefits & Features

  1. Improved Customer CareBy integrating Okendo with Gorgias, you gain access to a unique tool-set for managing the customer experience that includes:
    • A new sidebar widget that provides customer insights for all tickets, like average review rating, recent reviews, recently asked questions, and more.
    • Flexible configuration that removes clutter and eliminates unnecessary tickets, ensuring that tickets are created based on rules tailored to your business needs. Use these powerful tools to personalize responses using collected customer data and provide the best possible experience for everyone who interacts with your brand.Improved Customer Care
  1. Eliminate Process Bottlenecks by configuring the integration to automatically create tickets based on review content, you can eliminate redundant and manual ticket creation, simplifying the work for your customer service reps to assist with ticket visibility and organization, all Gorgias tickets created by the Okendo integration will automatically be tagged with “Okendo reviews” to make them easily identifiable. Merchants can even set up rules in Gorgias to immediately assign these tickets to a specific individual or team, ensuring issues are resolved as quickly as possible.Eliminate Process Bottlenecks
  2. Additionally, when customer service teams can moderate and reply to reviews right from Gorgias tickets, they no longer need to jump between apps to respond to customer concerns and inquiries—saving time for customer service reps, and providing faster resolutions for customers.
  3. Ease of Use: There’s no longer any need to navigate tricky code templates or tie up costly development resources to set up the integration. To keep things simple, we’ve tapped into Gorgias’ new API, making it possible for merchants to use existing Gorgias features to complete Okendo actions.Ease of UseIntegration users can also create multiple different macros so that teams can easily choose what action they want to complete for each ticket, whether it’s publishing new reviews, publicly responding to customer questions, or sending a private response to handle the more sensitive situations.

We’ve seen amazing results with Okendo’s Gorgias integration. We used to toggle between multiple applications in order to respond to reviews. Now, our workflow is extremely efficient—we’ve decreased response time by 59%. Our customers feel valued when their voices are heard and acknowledged so quickly. Nothing is more important to us.”

Marnie Werth, Senior Manager, Customer Experience

Uplevel Customer Service with Review Management

This integration is available now for all Okendo plans. Use our setup guide to get started with Gorgias, and take your customer service operations to the next level by adding the power of Okendo reviews. For more information on the integration, head over to our feature page.

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