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Okendo and Attentive Announce Enhanced Integration with Emails and Surveys

Jun 7, 2023 | 4 minute read

Okendo and Attentive Announce Enhanced Integration with Emails and Surveys

Megan Wenzl

Content Marketing Manager

Almost two years since we first announced our first-of-its-kind integration with Attentive, we’re thrilled to announce that our teams have once again joined forces to enrich our integration and better help brands drive more revenue with customer survey feedback, social proof, and personalized communications.

We’re incredibly excited by this news, and are proud to now offer our customers the ability to combine the power of Okendo Surveys and Attentive’s email marketing platform to connect with shoppers at a deeper level. Specifically, customers now have additional capabilities to: 

  • Create segments by leveraging customer profile data from Okendo Surveys responses 
  • Use Attentive email and SMS to request surveys and post-purchase product reviews 

With the first integration launch, our goal was to empower brands to capitalize on SMS’s high engagement rates, and optimize review generation by intelligently delivering personalized review requests directly to customers and prospects via SMS. With these updates to include surveys and email, our customers can now take advantage of the significant marketing opportunities presented by both SMS and email to generate more social proof, and leverage the power of zero-party data (ZPD) and survey feedback to build more meaningful customer relationships. 

“We’re excited that our enhanced integration with Okendo, a leading marketing platform, will allow Shopify brands to harness the power of email and SMS to drive more personalized communications and deeper audience segmentation using zero-party data collected from customer reviews and surveys.”

Angelique Karmara, VP of Partnerships, Attentive

Okendo and Attentive Benefits

Okendo’s enhanced Attentive integration allows merchants to leverage Okendo customer profile data – such as review and survey submissions – to create customer segments, as well as automated review request sequences, with Attentive SMS and Email.

With this powerful integration, merchants can effectively engage with their customers in more personalized and meaningful ways. Here are a few highlights:

  • Create dynamic customer segments within Attentive using Okendo Reviews and Surveys data: You can now personalize text messages and emails further by using both review and survey data to segment audiences in Attentive. This takes advantage of the most effective form of email marketing, which is segmenting by subscribers.

Okendo collects zero-party data (ZPD) through reviews and surveys responses into a unique customer profile. This data can be synced to Attentive and used to personalize communications such as reward reminders, refer a friend campaigns, thank you’s, product recommendations, customer support, and more.

  • Increase productivity and efficiency with email and SMS all-in-one platform: With Okendo and Attentive’s enhanced integration, you’ll stay in one platform ‌with all your SMS and email review request communications in one place. 
  • Communicate in multiple channels for more customer reach: Maximize your brand visibility and review opportunities with both email and SMS communication channels and simpler, easier-to-use review request flows. 
  • Conduct A/B testing across multiple channels: Merchants can run A/B tests and use the top-performing message to maximize campaigns. Once a campaign is underway, the integration simplifies performance tracking. Attentive will automatically monitor every sent, opened, and clicked message, and Okendo will track the number of reviews generated.

Okendo and Attentive have done an incredible job in bringing this integration together. In just two days we saw an 98% increase in review generation compared to the previous week. There’s so much functionality there, the UI is easy to use, and we use the data we’ve collected with it to make all kinds of strategic marketing decisions.”

Roman Haviland, Creative and Marketing Automation, Groove Life

Drive More Revenue, Together.

We’re proud to deliver these capabilities to merchants alongside Attentive, the leading SMS marketing platform, providing personalized and highly effective mobile messaging platform for more than 8,000 innovative brands and organizations. By leveraging the full benefits of the Okendo & Attentive integration‌, brands can drive more revenue by reaching larger audiences, generating more social proof, and gaining more insights to build deeper relationships with their customers. 

The integration is available now to all Okendo customers on the Power, Advanced, or Enterprise plan. To learn more about the Okendo & Attentive integration, book a demo.

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