The Office of Angela Scott increased return on ad spend by 91% with Okendo’s Google Shopping Integration








North America


decrease in cost per action


increase in conversion rate


increase in return on advertising spend

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Increased Google Shopping campaign effectiveness & return on investment with social proof.
  2. 02 Captured the attention of intent-driven buyers in a crowded and competitive market in a cost-effective manner.


The Office of Angela Scott is a female-founded, funded, and operated brand that celebrates the immeasurable power of women through shoes. Product lines ranging from comfortable sneakers to we-mean-business brogues provide women with beautiful works of craftsmanship for their feet. And it works — the brand has a devout following of shoe lovers that honor traditional shoemaking techniques and beautiful pieces of footwear.


  • The Office of Angela Scott’s traditional craftsmanship techniques and quality materials mean this brand works with high-ticket items.
  • Facing competition from brands with larger budget-friendly products, The Office of Angela Scott team had to get creative with their Google Shopping listings to capture the attention of intent-driven buyers and stay competitive.
  • The brand turned to their agency partner MuteSix, who knew incorporating social proof from Okendo Reviews would be a low-cost and impactful way to increase the effectiveness of their Google Shopping campaigns.

“Okendo’s integration with Google Shopping provides an additional layer of social proof that builds credibility for shoppers, increasing their chances of converting before they land on the store’s website. By including Okendo reviews & establishing authority, we’re able to build stronger campaigns for our clients that on average see a 111% lift in conversion rate.”

Sara Phillips

Google Ads Manager


Solution: A Google Shopping Strategy Incorporating Okendo Reviews

  • Combining Okendo’s review capabilities and agency partner MuteSix’s ad expertise, The Office of Angela Scott was able to get in front of the right customers.
  • With the inclusion of Okendo’s reviews and star ratings, MuteSix saw a strong performance from Smart Shopping, and they ran the campaigns out across all of The Office of Angela Scott’s products.
  • After segmenting lower-ticket items into different campaigns with a lower price point, the agency was able to control ad spend better while still bringing in a great return. When returns looked particularly good, they increased the budget to scale.
  • Together, MuteSix and Okendo were able to dramatically increase campaign effectiveness and investment return.

“Okendo has been wonderful to work with. The team was very accommodating in getting us set up. It was so easy to get installed and everything integrates seamlessly.”

Madisson Cartwright

Director of Operations & Revenue

The Office of Angela Scott


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