How Born Primitive Leverages Its Loyal Community with Okendo Reviews






North America


increase in UGC generation rate


increase in PDP conversion rate


reduction in tech costs

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Born Primitive migrated to Okendo to more easily showcase customer content & UGC throughout the buyer journey.
  2. 02 Okendo’s Foursixty integration lets the brand showcase and display star ratings for products tagged on Instagram.


Born Primitive offers workout apparel for athletes of all sizes and skill levels, designed to perform in those critical moments when the battle is won — or lost. They had built a community of people who embrace a healthy, active lifestyle and were eager to share progress pictures — the brand just had to figure out how best to use this customer-created content.


  • The team knew they could do more to power up their customer marketing strategies and leverage their loyal customer base.
  • They needed to increase their review generation and also display reviews & UGC with the same look and feel as their store.
  • With their previous reviews provider, the Born Primitive team was unable to properly display valuable reviews & UGC throughout their customized Shopify theme.
  • With more than 10,000 reviews already, the team had to make sure they could switch to another platform easily and without any issues.

Solution: Showcasing Rich User-Generated Content with Okendo and Foursixty

  • Born Primitive now displays personality-filled customer photos at all key moments in the customer journey.
  • With the Okendo and Foursixty integration, the team showcases Instagram content throughout its website and displays star ratings for its products that are tagged in Instagram photos.
  • Reviews are on brand with Okendo’s fully customizable widgets. Customers can now easily see how the products look and perform on everyday people to better facilitate peer recommendations and drive community building.
  • Through an easy-to-use, multi-step email flow, the team can collect more reviews from loyal customers.


  • 74% increase in UGC generation rate.
  • Born Primitive saw a 3.3x conversion rate increase on product detail pages.
  • Tech costs were reduced by 60%.
  • The Okendo and Foursixty setup process was speedy and seamless, with zero data lost in the process.

“The setup process with Okendo and Foursixty took a day, which was insane. When we were thinking about moving to a new platform, we thought our reviews would be down for two weeks or more because there would be so much coding on the backend.”

Carsyn Brownell

Customer Growth and Ecommerce Manager

Born Primitive