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Facebook Advertising: Retargeting Best Practice

Nov 16, 2021 | 4 minute read

Facebook Advertising: Retargeting Best Practice

Matt Goodman

Co-founder, CEO

Lee Smorthit, Acquisition Strategist

Nov 16th 2021

Retargeting campaigns within Facebook, also known as remarketing campaigns in Google Ads, are an effective strategy to reinspire high-intent audiences to consider your product and, more importantly, purchase.

Retargeting campaigns are one of many tools at your disposal on Facebook. They are part of a greater paid social strategy that works in unison with other campaigns, such as Klaviyo retargeting emails through Okendo, to generate sales. By default, as with all Facebook ads, retargeting campaigns run across both Instagram and Facebook.

Retargeting ads’ relevance defines their power. The ads shown are hyper-relevant, displaying the exact product(s) that the customer has viewed or engaged with to encourage them to re-enter the buyer’s journey.

Using Facebook Pixel retargeting ads feeds specific products based on customer behavior on-site, or you can manually choose a product/ or image to display.

Using this clever piece of code, the Facebook Pixel registers ‘events’ from which you will be able to build custom audiences.

These can include:

  • Website Visitors
  • Viewed Content
  • “Add To Bag”
  • Purchasers

By allowing Facebook Pixel to work its magic rather than building your audiences in the self-serve ad tool, you can expect a boost in your ROI and more effective advertising.

Here are some tactics to maximize your paid advertising on Facebook:

1. Reduce Cart AbandonmentCart abandonment is one of the most crucial problems for online retailers to overcome. Some of your online customers will inevitably bounce off-site and leave their shopping cart full of goods because it’s much easier to do so digitally than it is in-store. Plus, there are so many distractions online. That said, it’s not impossible to improve your ecommerce experience to reduce and combat shopping cart abandonment. Remarketing on Facebook makes it possible for you to reach these abandoned shoppers and remind them that they probably still want that product they were about to buy and that it’s not too late. Facebook even offers specific “event codes” for granular on-site actions, so you can craft unique ads to reach users who added an item to a shopping cart or a wishlist.

2. Inspire Shoppers With Your ProductsFacebook’s retargeting also enables you to reach users who visited specific product pages but didn’t add anything to their carts. This feature allows you to understand users who have a purchase intent but haven’t decided yet. They could be shopping around before committing to purchase. Dynamic Facebook ads allow you to keep your products and brand fresh in these users’ minds by targeting them with specific products and nurturing them to convert.

3. Incentivise Your AudiencePeople who engage with your content but don’t convert to customers are also an excellent opportunity to remarket on Facebook. These users have already shared personal information with you, whether for access to a video or a downloadable asset. This type of audience has shown interest in your brand but still requires some nurturing. You can use Facebook to target them with sales-based ads for first-time buyers or limited-time discounts on your popular products. Keep this audience engaged and nurture them through the marketing funnel.

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