Why Sans Drinks Switched to Okendo from Yotpo: Strong Klaviyo Integration for Post-Purchase Messaging





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Key takeaways

  1. 01 Substantially increased review generation since migrating to Okendo from Yotpo.
  2. 02 Helped shoppers make confident purchasing decisions with attributes to help its mission of normalizing alcohol-free refreshments.


Sans Drinks is a beverage company dedicated to providing shoppers with a wider array of non-alcoholic choices. A growing number of Australian consumers are being mindful of how much alcohol they consume, making Sans Drinks a welcome presence in the DTC food and drink space.


  • Sans Drinks needed a seamless integration between its email platform, Klaviyo, and a reviews provider that could offer automation and detailed insights into performance.
  • The brand tried Yotpo, but it didn’t have the integration Sans Drinks needed to send review request emails and other post-purchase messages at a pace the brand wanted.
  • Ecommerce expert Brynley King recommended Okendo to Sans Drinks for its robust Klaviyo integration, customizable review displays, and ability to collect multiple kinds of social proof.

Solution: An Integrated Platform that Seamlessly Boosts Review Generation

  • Sans Drink now features a review display on their product details page and homepage that looks great and blends smoothly with the branding on their site.
  • Okendo helps Sans Drinks make it easier for shoppers to make confident purchasing decisions by including attributes, such as quality, taste, consumption, and drinking habits in reviews.
  • With Okendo’s Smile.io integration, Sans Drinks can offer loyalty points for reviews that customers can apply towards future purchases.
  • With Okendo in place, Sans Drinks collected 3,300+ reviews in less than a year, which was over six times as many as it generated with Yotpo.

“We love that when customers leave reviews, we can ask them to indicate whether they are drinkers or non-drinkers. This attribute makes a big difference for shoppers because someone who drinks alcohol regularly might look for reviews from others who drink, while a shopper who is trying to limit their alcohol consumption will look for reviews from fellow non-drinkers. Consumers can easily identify which reviews might reflect their tastes.”

Cat Rodie

Marketing Director

Sans Drinks


  • Sans Drinks collected 6x the amount of reviews with Okendo compared to Yotpo.
  • The brand averaged a 4.23 star rating.

“Honestly, I recommend Okendo to every brand I work with — including on my own website for collecting client video reviews! Nothing compares to Okendo’s functionality when it comes to fulfilling a brand’s need for social proof.”

Brynley King

Ecommerce Marketing Expert


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