Why ORLY Switched to Okendo from Bazaarvoice: Seamless Google Integration and High-Quality Reviews






North America


ROAS after implementing Google Shopping Ads with Reviews

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Improved SEO efforts by displaying Okendo star ratings and UGC in Google Shopping results
  2. 02 Dramatically enhanced page load times with Okendo’s widgets compared to Bazaarvoice


ORLY is a leader in professional nail care and nail color with top-selling treatments. Available in top beauty retail stores and online, anyone who’s gotten a manicure in the past 47 years since its founding in 1975 has likely encountered an ORLY product.


  • The brand is well-known in stores like Ulta, Target, and Walmart, but has a high number of SKUs, which means it competes for shelf space.
  • ORLY needed to grow its presence on Google and make its Shopify store more discoverable to supercharge its DTC channel.
  • To increase its DTC store’s visibility, ORLY partnered with Shopify agency GoldenWeb to audit its site and improve its SEO efforts
  • GoldenWeb’s audit revealed that ORLY’s reviews weren’t loading quickly or visible from the Google cache view.
  • With its reviews provider at the time, Bazaarvoice, ORLY could not syndicate reviews to Google Shopping. So GoldenWeb suggested migrating to Okendo to allow ORLY to:
    • Display star ratings and UGC in Google Shopping search results.
    • Dramatically enhance page load times and accelerate organic traffic.
    • Give ORLY more control over UGC collection and display.

Solution: An Easy-to-Use Platform with a Strong Google Shopping Integration

  • ORLY’s Google Shopping Ads have earned them a 2.5X return on ad spend after syncing reviews from Okendo.
  • ORLY’s product pages load faster and index better in Google, helping them to capture more organic traffic.
  • ORLY has more control over their UGC, including offering incentives to boost review generation, and collecting product and customer attribute data.

“Implementation was frictionless, and configuration was easy, and the interface is user-friendly. Okendo has been incredibly helpful with syndicating reviews between our expansion stores and offers great customer support.”

Tal Pink

VP of Business Development



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