How Nimble Activewear Leverages Social Proof in Abandoned Cart Emails with Okendo & Klaviyo








relative increase in click-through rate


increase in average revenue per recipient

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Nimble Activewear automatically injected star ratings into abandoned cart emails using Okendo’s Klaviyo integration.
  2. 02 By utilizing social proof to boost email conversion rates, Nimble Activewear regained lost purchases by turning browsers into buyers.
  3. 03 During an A/B test, abandoned cart emails with reviews had a 6% higher click-through rate than those without reviews.


Nimble Activewear encourages women to get their game on with stylish activewear sets. Complete with a side dish of sustainability, the brand is committed to reducing its footprint through sustainable materials and low-impact practices. Its green-focused outlook and a gorgeous range of products have led to the creation of a strong community of active earth-lovers.


  • Nimble Activewear understood the power of user-generated content (UGC) and its role in encouraging buyer-ready shoppers to make a purchase.
  • The Nimble Activewear team knew there were untapped opportunities in abandoned cart emails to turn intent-ready browsers into buyers. Nimble initially ran a simple cart abandonment campaign, but wasn’t achieving the results they knew were possible.
  • They knew showcasing 5-star reviews was going to be essential to giving customers the social proof they needed to purchase from their brand.

“We know how important social proof is in driving conversions. Every customer wants to see how other customers have experienced a product. As a brand, you can tell a customer one thing, but people generally trust the mass consensus. So to be able to pull that information seamlessly into our email campaigns is really great.”

Vera Yan


Nimble Activewear

Solution: Engaging Abonaded Cart Emails with Okendo-Klaviyo Integration

  • With the help of the Okendo-Klaviyo integration, Nimble Activewear was able to automatically inject five-star reviews into their abandoned cart email flow.
  • The Okendo-Klaviyo integration injects product review summary snippets (which include an overall star rating and the number of reviews available) or a feed of reviews specific to the product in question to entice almost-buyers back to the point of sale.
  • For each new email in the abandoned cart flow, Okendo created an identical variation that included a review snippet. The flows were split test, with 50% of eligible shoppers receiving the variation without reviews and 50% receiving the variation with.
  • The variation that included Okendo review snippets garnered a 6% higher click-through rate than the variation without reviews.

“Including ratings & reviews from Okendo in our abandon cart flows in Klaviyo has been a total game changer! Click-through rate and revenue-per-recipient is the highest we’ve ever seen them.”

Vera Yan


Nimble Activewear


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