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How Wild Planet Doubled its Conversion Rate with Okendo

Dec 9, 2022 | 5 minute read

How Wild Planet Doubled its Conversion Rate with Okendo

Lindsay Kolinsky

Director of Marketing

The canned sustainable seafood brand, Wild Planet aims to do one thing, and that’s to preserve our oceans by utilizing sustainable seafood practices to source products for U.S. consumers. As a part of this mission, Wild Planet needed to ensure shoppers could find and purchase their products easily on a true ecommerce platform. With the help of Chelsea & Rachel Co., they chose to build out a Shopify site that would ultimately expand their ecommerce.

Adding reviews to your tech stack

When do consumers make a purchase? When someone is recommending it to them. In fact, 88% of shoppers are willing to spend more with a brand that has excellent reviews. With the move to Shopify, the Wild Planet team understood that they also needed to find the right partner to help them garner, and eventually syndicate reviews. 

Reviews were not only a part of their business growth plan, but also would be used to meet their goal of reaching consumers all over the U.S.

Chelsea & Rachel Co. consulted with Wild Planet to build a tech stack that would improve the consumer experience and drive overall business growth. Okendo was a key addition to the tech stack since it was built for Shopify, would easily integrate across applications, and would meet the brand’s needs for reviews.

Dana Lusted, Brand Manager at Wild Planet reveals that “it was important to us that Okendo was built specifically for Shopify rather than being another generic provider.”

Review widget displays

Once Okendo was integrated into Wild Planet’s tech stack, a review widget display was designed that mirrored the look and feel of the brand to allow a seamless integration into the page. Wild Planet was able to use visuals in their review display design and this made the customer reviews look and feel more genuine.

Wild Planet Reviews Widget

Rachel Saul, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist of Chelsea & Rachel Co explains, “we were ecstatic to be a part of the first launch of the new reviews widget interface with Wild Planet. Okendo is the premier choice for reviews with Shopify and it really elevated the brand’s user experience.”

With widgets that are easy to modify and features that make it simple for customers to find what they are looking for, the Wild Planet team was pleased with their decision to move forward with Okendo.

Lusted says, “The new widgets are extremely user-friendly. I feel confident that I could go into the app and modify our widgets without needing to write code, and the Okendo team is always available to help. Being able to use the new widgets made things much easier for our launch.”

To keep review content fresh, Wild Planet made the most of Okendo’s Klaviyo integration and used an automated Flow to send out review requests. Leveraging Klaviyo allowed Wild Planet to create an optimized review request program that delivers an immersive and engaging brand experience for its consumers. They have exceeded industry standards across the board with an 8% review generation rate, without offering any review incentives.

How reviews create sales for Wild Planet Foods

Okendo’s deep and detailed integration with Shopify is what made the difference for Wild Planet. Okendo encourages online shoppers not only to read reviews but also to engage with them. 

Giving shoppers the ability to interact with their display by filtering reviews to exactly what they are looking for is exactly what Wild Planet felt their consumers needed for them to convert. Additionally, the added features of Okendo, such as upvoting reviews that shoppers felt were helpful and showing a verified buyer badge, were features that increased customer engagement even more.

Wild Planet also used Okendo’s pre-built Google Analytics integration that automatically tracks a shopper session to show how influential interacting with reviews can be when it comes to conversion rates, average order values, and revenue.

Wild Planet Results

Long-term goals with Okendo

So, how does Okendo set up Wild Planet for long-term success? Going forward, the brand plans to use Okendo’s unique features, such as Attributes, to gather additional zero-party data from reviews. This data will then be used in Klaviyo to inform and create successful marketing strategies. They are also considering using Okendo’s additional features to syndicate their consumer reviews through one of the largest retailer syndication networks to drive additional conversions.

With the help of Okendo, Wild Planet is motivated and excited to move forward in its marketing strategy endeavors and has only just begun unlocking all that Okendo has to offer.

The team is absolutely amazing to work with and made sure to customize the platform to our needs in collaboration with the rest of our tech stack. We’ve not only added the Okendo app, but also we’ve gained a partnership with their team and look forward to growing our business with their ongoing support.”

Dana Lusted, Brand Manager at Wild Planet

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