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Surveys vs. Quizzes: How to Use Both in a Unified Customer Marketing Strategy

Jan 30, 2024 | 8 minute read

Surveys vs. Quizzes: How to Use Both in a Unified Customer Marketing Strategy

Megan Wenzl

Content Marketing Manager

Quick Takeaways

Surveys collect specific customer data at key times throughout a customer’s journey, such as onsite or post-checkout. Quizzes personalize the shopping experience by guiding customers through a series of questions to match them with the right product based on their needs and preferences.

Traditional marketing strategies have been pushed to the wayside as consumers demand a more dynamic and personable approach. There’s a new strategy for the future of ecommerce: leveraging surveys and quizzes in unified customer marketing, which helps brands strive to build more lasting customer relationships. 

A unified customer marketing strategy integrates various marketing channels and tools to create a cohesive and personalized experience for customers. It goes beyond the traditional silos of marketing efforts and aims to deliver a consistent message and brand experience across all touchpoints. The core objective is to treat customers as individuals, understanding their preferences, needs, and behaviors holistically. Key to this approach is using surveys and quizzes in your customer marketing strategy. 

In this blog post, we will explore the connection between surveys and quizzes within customer marketing. Both tools play pivotal roles in gathering valuable customer insights, but their applications and benefits differ. By understanding how to leverage surveys and quizzes effectively, your brand can create a more robust and tailored approach to customer engagement, ultimately driving success in your marketing campaigns. 

Let’s delve into the nuances of these two tools and uncover how they can be employed harmoniously in a unified strategy to enhance customer understanding and satisfaction.

What’s the Difference Between Surveys and Quizzes? 

What is a Survey?

Okendo Surveys enables you to collect actionable data sourced directly from your customers about their experiences and preferences at critical moments throughout the buying journey.

Unlike traditional surveys, Okendo Surveys gathers dynamic, “in-the-moment” insights from consumers throughout the online buying journey, employing precise, real-time audience targeting to increase response rates, in contrast to static and siloed traditional survey tools.

For example, sustainable food & beverage brand Soylent engages customers with surveys at peak moments in their journey. In one survey, the team asked customers, “What flavor would you like to see from Soylent?” Soylent received responses within 24 hours. These fast responses were essential to informing their product direction. 

You can use survey insights for: 

  • Profile Enrichment: Augment customer profiles with zero-party data, including identity, demographics, preferences, behaviors, and intent.
  • CX Management: Evaluate brand loyalty and customer satisfaction through leading frameworks like NPS, CSAT, and CES.
  • Optimized Conversion Rates: Identify both drivers and obstacles to conversions, assess their impact on purchasing behavior, and monitor the outcomes of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) experiments and website modifications.
  • Precise Marketing Attribution: Measure marketing performance by leveraging ground-source attribution insights gathered from new customers at the point of purchase.
  • Market Research: Stay at the forefront of industry trends, consumer behaviors, and competitive landscapes with the latest market insights.
  • Audience Acquisition: Acquire qualified shoppers by turning social media audiences into owned marketing contacts. 

What are Quizzes?

Quizzes empower brands to create personalized shopping experiences that delight customers and accelerate sales. 

Quizzes offer an engaging and interactive way to invite shoppers to share information about themselves, like their preferences, requirements, behaviors, and demographics, by answering a series of questions. These insights then create a guided shopping experience by automatically matching them with products that best align with their profiles. 

Using Okendo Quizzes, you can: 

Drive Revenue

Okendo Quizzes drive higher conversion rates through ease-of-use and shoppers’ ability to add recommendations to their cart with a single click. Bed Threads, the luxury bedding brand, saw an immediate impact of a 17% conversion rate and 25x ROI using Okendo Quizzes! 

Learn More: How Bed Threads Increased Conversions with Okendo

Scale Personalized Experiences

By providing interactive and captivating quiz experiences that suggest products tailored to each individual’s preferences, you enhance customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty to your brand.

Gather Customer Intelligence

Quiz responses are archived in each customer’s unified customer profile. This enables the delivery of more personalized marketing communications, ultimately enhancing retention and maximizing lifetime value.

Surveys vs. Quizzes: What’s the Difference?

Surveys collect specific customer data, such as how they feel about your brand, information about themselves, how they heard about your brand, and whether or not they’re likely to recommend your brand to family or a friend. Surveys are deployed in-moment, such as onsite or post-checkout. 

On the other hand, quizzes empower you to ask shoppers a series of questions that guide them to personalized product recommendations. 

The outcome of Quizzes is more immediate, given shoppers are instantly recommended products after they take a quiz. With surveys, marketing teams may need to take their time to address the feedback they receive. For example, if survey insights reveal areas for product improvement, it may take time to implement changes effectively.

Despite their differing timelines, both Quizzes and Surveys contribute valuable insights for marketing teams, with Quizzes offering instant product recommendations and Surveys providing in-depth feedback that, when acted upon thoughtfully, can lead to lasting improvements in overall customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Product recommendations after a consumer takes a quiz

How Do Surveys Fit Into a Customer Marketing Strategy?

Surveys play a pivotal role in crafting a comprehensive customer marketing strategy, offering invaluable insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and satisfaction levels. 

Here’s how surveys seamlessly integrate into the customer experience:

Personalized Campaigns

Surveys allow your brand to gather intricate data about your customers, enabling the creation of highly personalized marketing campaigns. By understanding individual preferences, you can tailor their messaging, promotions, and product recommendations, fostering a more engaging and relevant customer experience.

NPS Surveys

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys are highly valuable tools within the survey toolbox. NPS helps measure customer loyalty and brand advocacy. It’s based on a one-question, post-purchase survey asking customers how likely they are to recommend your brand.

NPS helps you identify your most loyal customers, rather than collect zero-party data. 

NPS Survey and HDYHAU Survey

HDYHAU Surveys 

Post-purchase HDYHAU surveys provide insights into the effectiveness of marketing channels. These surveys allow you to know which channels the majority of their customers are coming from, so you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget. 

Creating Superfans

The ultimate goal of a customer marketing strategy is to cultivate Superfans—loyal customers who are enthusiastic advocates of your brand. Surveys play a key role in this process by continually gathering data about customer preferences and behaviors. This ongoing understanding enables you to nurture and deepen customer relationships, turning satisfied customers into devoted Superfans.

How Do Quizzes Fit Into a Customer Marketing Strategy?

Okendo Quizzes seamlessly integrate into your customer marketing strategy, elevating the shopping experience and contributing to long-term customer loyalty. Here’s how quizzes play a strategic role:

Personalized Shopping Experiences

Okendo Quizzes excel in personalizing the shopping journey. By asking tailored questions and understanding individual preferences, you can curate personalized product recommendations. This not only enhances the customer’s shopping experience but also fosters a sense of connection and relevance, making each interaction more meaningful.

Skincare quiz that asks the consumer to choose a model that best represents their skin tone and to choose products they currently use

Gathering Zero-Party Data

Okendo Quizzes act as a conduit for collecting zero-party data directly from customers. As individuals engage with quizzes, they willingly provide insights into their preferences, tastes, and interests. This valuable data goes beyond basic demographics, offering your brand a deeper understanding of customer motivations, helping refine product offerings and marketing strategies.

Higher Conversion Rates

The personalized nature of Okendo Quizzes has a direct impact on conversion rates. By guiding customers to products that align with their preferences, quizzes significantly increase the likelihood of conversion. Customers feel a sense of resonance with the suggested products, leading to more informed purchasing decisions and ultimately driving higher conversion rates. Moreover, it takes just one click for shoppers to seamlessly add recommendations to their cart, further contributing to conversion rates. 

Creating Superfans Through Personalization

Just as with Surveys, Okendo Quizzes contribute to the creation of Superfans by providing a personalized shopping experience. When customers feel that a brand understands and caters to their individual tastes, they are more likely to become not just satisfied customers but enthusiastic advocates. Quizzes play a crucial role in nurturing this connection and transforming satisfied shoppers into devoted Superfans.

Why Use Quizzes and Surveys In Your Customer Marketing Strategy?

Quizzes and surveys complement each other seamlessly, offering a holistic view of your customers.

Surveys provide valuable information such as how customers feel about your brand, where they found out about you, and hyper-specific customer details (i.e. the type of jewelry they wear regularly). Simultaneously, quizzes offer a deep dive into customer behavior, preferences, requirements, and demographics. The combination allows businesses to paint a complete picture of their customers. 

Both quizzes and surveys also serve as effective channels for gathering zero-party data (ZPD) directly from customers. ZPD is data that’s willingly shared by customers, offering a transparent and accurate glimpse into their profiles without the need for third-party sources. This type of data is growing in value as consumers increasingly prioritize privacy, requiring brands to find ways to collect customer data without breaching trust. 

In essence, leveraging both tools enhances the richness and accuracy of your customer insights, laying the foundation for more targeted, personalized, and successful marketing strategies.

Okendo Surveys and Okendo Quizzes are available on our customer marketing platform. Contact our team to learn how our platform can help you build more productive and profitable relationships with your customers.

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