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Okendo is Now an Official Google Seller Ratings Partner

Apr 25, 2023 | 4 minute read

Okendo is Now an Official Google Seller Ratings Partner

Megan Wenzl

Content Marketing Manager

Showcase your store’s star ratings on Google Ads to provide customers with the social proof they need to make purchasing decisions.

Okendo is excited to announce a new partnership with Google Seller Ratings to make it easy for Shopify brands to stand out in search results and maximize ROI.

What are Google Seller Ratings?

Google Seller Ratings are a Google Ads extension that displays a star rating based on customers’ feedback about their experience with your brand. Google Seller Ratings are displayed alongside your ads and help build trust and increase click-through rate, ultimately leading to increased revenue for your brand.

Here’s an example of how Google Seller Ratings are displayed:

The Key Benefits of the Google Seller Ratings Partnership

High-quality reviews are the lifeblood for ecommerce brands.

With more options than ever, customers need to trust brands before buying products. And reviews are a huge driver of that trust. According to Okendo’s 2023 Ecommerce Trust Report, 97% of shoppers look for reviews at least some of the time before making a purchase.

Here’s how Okendo’s partnership with Google Seller Ratings benefits Shopify brands.

Get Noticed More in Search Results

It’s simple. When you have reviews displayed on your ads, customers notice. When customers go to Google to search for a product, they’ll instantly see your store’s star ratings on your ads. In addition, Google Seller Ratings help improve your brand’s search rankings.

Increase Click-Through Rate to Convert More Customers

Reviews benefit both your brand and the customer.

Reviews give you insights to help you understand your customers. And reviews also provide customers with the information they need to understand the quality of your store. In short, reviews help customers trust your brand and shop with you. That is why displaying a review star rating on Google Ads has never been more important.

There’s data to back this up. According to Google, Google Seller Ratings increases click-through rates by up to 10%

Drive More Qualified Traffic

With the Okendo and Google Seller Ratings partnership, you’ll build trust with customers and drive more high-quality traffic to your store. What’s more, your store’s credibility will increase because customers can easily see star ratings when looking at your Google Ad.

Decrease Ad Costs

The cost of acquiring a customer is only getting more expensive. If you’re looking for ways to decrease customer acquisition costs, Google Seller Ratings can actually help with lowering advertising costs. Google Seller Ratings helps improve your ad quality score, which reduces the cost-per-click on your Google Ads over time.

Because you’ll increase the click-through rate, you can convert more customers. This higher click-through rate shows Google that your ads are highly relevant to the customer. So, as the amount of clicks goes up on your ad, the Quality Score of the ad increases too. The Quality Score is based on your ad quality compared to other ads.

The higher the Quality Score from Google, the less you spend on cost-per-click.

How Google Seller Ratings Work

Google Seller Ratings show up when merchants meet the following guidelines:

  • The merchant has at least 100 site reviews within the country the customer is searching.
  • The average star rating must be at least 3.5 stars.
  • The reviews need to have been collected within the last 12 months to calculate the rating.

Okendo recommends sending review requests after every purchase for consistent high-quality review generation. After a product review is collected, Okendo allows the additional collection of site reviews on the post-review page. These site reviews establish the average rating that appears for your store for Google Seller Ratings.

This overall rating is not only beneficial for displaying Google Seller Ratings, but also for creating positive customer relationships built on trust. Reviews give you the opportunity to collect valuable zero-party data to continuously improve and personalize the customer experience.

Okendo and Google Seller Ratings

Getting started with Google Seller Ratings is easy with Okendo. Speak with our sales team or your customer success manager to learn how you can integrate Google Seller Ratings into your reviews strategy today. Book a demo here.

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