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New Integration: Okendo & Klaviyo

Aug 26, 2020 | 6 minute read

New Integration: Okendo & Klaviyo

Rachel Tyers

We are thrilled to announce that Okendo now integrates with Klaviyo, the growth marketing platform for the world’s fastest-growing commerce brands! 🎉

Okendo & Klaviyo

With many Okendo users trusting Klaviyo to power their email and SMS marketing this integration has been a long time coming and one that we couldn’t be more excited about.

The integration is extensive and enables a range of powerful new capabilities for merchants to drive revenue and optimize the customer experience.

There are 4 powerful functionalities to the integration:

  • Email Sync: Send review request emails from Klaviyo once triggered in Okendo.
  • Review Sync: Showcase ratings and reviews in automated emails sent from Klaviyo such as abandoned cart or product recommendation emails.
  • Customer Data Sync: Sync customer data captured in Okendo with customer profiles in Klaviyo.
  • Event Sync: Record Okendo events e.g. when a customer leaves a review, as ‘metrics’ in Klaviyo that can be used in the design of Klaviyo Flows.

These 4 functionalities unlock a range of awesome new capabilities and use cases. Read on for all the exciting details!

Functionality 1: Email Sync

Klaviyo can now send review request emails to eligible customers once triggered in Okendo.

This functionality enables merchants to streamline their email sending within a single platform making it easier to understand which customers are receiving what emails and when.

As well as better visibility into customer communications and consolidated reporting, merchants can use Klaviyo mail templates and the Klaviyo template builder for the design of their review request emails.

Klaviyo email builder for review requests with the left image showing the sequence and the right image asking customers for a review with "We Want to hear from you"

This functionality is by far the most requested by Okendo and Klaviyo users, so we are thrilled to announce it is now available for all users on Okendo’s Power plan and up. Equally exciting is the fact that this functionality is unique to Okendo as the only Shopify Plus Certified App that supports the sending of review request emails from Klaviyo.

“Being able to send review request emails from Klaviyo makes it much easier to orchestrate post-purchase communications.

Celia Marino, Digital Marketing Manager

Functionality 2: Review Sync

Product ratings and reviews can now be showcased within automated emails sent from Klaviyo such as browse/cart abandonment emails and product recommendations.

The ratings and reviews shown in Klaviyo are dynamically pulled from Okendo to match the specific product(s) shown in the email.

There are 3 different display types for showcasing social proof in emails:

  1. Review Aggregate – Shows the aggregate star rating and review count for product(s) in the email.
  2. Review Text – Shows the most recent, approved 5-star review.
  3. Review GIF – Cycles through the 10 most recent, approved 5-star reviews.

Merchants can show one or more of these display types options and use Klaviyo’s styling tools to ensure brand alignment.

Abandoned cart email from SKIMS

Early adopters of this functionality have seen incredible results. Nimble Activewear reported a 6% increase in click-through rate and a 16% increase in average revenue-per-recipient for their abandoned cart flows.

“Including ratings & reviews from Okendo in our abandon cart flows in Klaviyo has been a total game changer! Click-through rate and revenue-per-recipient is the highest we’ve ever seen them.

Vera Yan, Co-Founder


Functionality 3: Customer Data Sync

The best commerce brands understand that having a deep understanding of the customer is the true key to developing products and experiences that rise above the competition.

The Customer Data Sync functionality combines Attributes, Okendo’s first-party customer data collection feature, with Klaviyo’s customer data platform to give marketers unprecedented powers for collecting customer insights and delivering more personalized customer experiences.

Let’s explore a few of the use cases Customer Data Sync unlocks.

Example Use Case: Personalized Product Recommendations

Merchants using Okendo’s Attributes feature will quickly have enough first-party customer data to perform advanced segmentation and campaign personalization in Klaviyo.

Using the Customer Data Sync, merchants can match customer data from Okendo to the customer profile in Klaviyo and use it to build more specific customer segments. From there, merchants can design more tailored marketing communications that are personalized to the profile of individual customers.

Early adopters of this functionality have seen incredible results. GetWag reported massive success of their personalized product recommendations campaigns.

“Using data from Okendo to create segments in Klaviyo that we target with messaging tailored to individual customers enabled us to increase revenue-per-recipient by a massive 423%!

Marta Skrabacz, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager

Example Use Case: Enhanced Ad Targeting

Customer Data Sync also gives merchants a powerful new tool for optimizing customer acquisition via Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Once synced to the customer profile in Klaviyo, customer data collected using Attributes in Okendo can be used to build Custom and Lookalike Audiences. These audiences can be further refined by the layering of Event Sync data to produce even more powerful results.

For example, a merchant could create Custom Audiences based on defining customer attributes such as age and gender and then augment it further with the specific attributes of customers who have given 5-star reviews within the last 12 months.

Functionality 3: Event Sync

Events in Okendo e.g. when a customer leaves a 5-star review, can now be recorded in Klaviyo as a ‘metric’ which can in turn be utilized in the design and build of a Klaviyo Flow.

Event Sync functionality creates new opportunities for merchants to engage with customers and create differentiated experiences.

Let’s explore a few of the new use cases Event Sync unlocks.

Example Use Case: Post Review ‘Referral’ Email

When customers leave positive reviews it creates a fantastic opportunity for merchants to drive organic growth through word-of-mouth.

Merchants can now automate this virality by adding a step to any given post-purchase Klaviyo Flow that invites those customers who leave a 5-star review in Okendo to then refer-a-friend.

Example Use Case: Post Review ‘Repeat Purchase’ Email

Customers who earn rewards such as discount coupons or loyalty points for leaving reviews in Okendo are an excellent segment to target with repeat purchase campaigns in Klaviyo.

Merchants can use the Event Sync functionality to build a segment of customers in Klaviyo that have unredeemed rewards in Okendo. From there, merchants can build personalized engagement campaigns in Klaviyo that remind customers of their rewards and invite them to shop again.

Discount code email to a customer after leaving a review

Repeat purchase campaigns can be further enhanced by layering in the below Customer Data Sync functionality to enable more personalized product recommendations.

Early adopters of this functionality have seen incredible results. Beginning Boutique reported a 109% increase in review rate from email and a 53% increase in coupon code redemption from their post-review email campaigns.

“The Okendo-Klaviyo integration has been very simple to use and it’s opening up a window to an even broader use case. We’re really excited to see where it goes.

Kim Williams, Chief Marketing Officer

Beginning Boutique

Example Use Case: Post Review ‘Support’ Email

Reviews are a useful tool for identifying customers who have had less-than-optimal experiences.

In such cases e.g. where a customer leaves a review with a star rating of 3 or less, merchants can now automatically send customers a Support email from Klaviyo that acknowledges their concerns and provides details on how the merchant can help resolve their issues.

Okendo and Klaviyo: Best-in-class ecommerce marketing

Klaviyo can now be supercharged with ratings, reviews, UGC, and first-party customer data from Okendo. For users of both best-in-class platforms, the integration unlocks a range of powerful new functionalities that are proven to help DTC brands drive sales, increase customer lifetime value and, ultimately, grow faster.

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