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New Features: Analytics & Reporting 📈

Aug 21, 2020 | 7 minute read

New Features: Analytics & Reporting 📈

Amanda Calderon

Amanda Calderon, Head of Onboarding and Support

Now available for all Okendo users, Analytics & Reporting gives merchants a command centre for tracking the performance of all aspects of their customer review programs.

Analytics & Reporting

Today, we are excited to announce the official release of Okendo’s Analytics & Reporting feature!

This feature is a suite of advanced tools that enable merchants to track, analyze and optimize all aspects of their customer marketing programs including review request email performance, ratings & review generation rates, customer sentiment score and reward ROI.

Analytics & Reporting is now available on all Okendo plans. Certain advanced analytics functionality such as being able to filter reports by customer or product attributes is also now available on Okendo’s Power and Advanced plans.

Read on to learn more about the 5 key report types now available in the Analytics & Reporting feature and how they help fast-growing Shopify stores track the performance of customer review programs.

In a rush? Jump to one of the 5 new reports below:

  1. Email Reports
  2. Ratings Reports
  3. Review Reports
  4. Coupon Reports
  5. Sentiment Reports

Or skip straight to the TL;DR.

Email Reports

Getting visibility into the performance of review request emails is the first step towards analyzing the performance of a customer review program.

Using Okendo’s Analytics & Reporting feature, merchants can now answer questions such as:

  • How many review request emails did I send over a given period of time?
  • What is the average open and click rate of my review request emails?
  • What percentage of customers are leaving reviews relative to total emails sent?
  • What percentage of customers are sharing UGC relative to emails sent?

With these answers in hand, merchants can then take actions to improve email performance such as A/B testing email copy or review rewards and then reference these reports to measure the impact and effectiveness of their optimizations.

Most merchants will want to be reviewing email performance on a regular basis. To help support a reporting cadence, merchants can save a report in Okendo for quick access in the future.

Ratings Reports

The Analytics & Reporting feature makes it easy to track average star rating scores over time.

Average star rating is a great high-level business measure that provides a useful insight into overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Trying a new fulfillment service? Deploying a new support system? Average rating can also provide interesting insights into how such initiatives are ultimately being received by customers.

Advanced Ratings Filters

Advanced filters make it possible for merchants to drill in and track average ratings over time for individual products. This can be particularly useful when merchants want to highlight the performance of a specific product or to measure the impact of product refreshes or changes.

Merchants can take advanced product-level reporting a step-further by layering on additional customer or product attribute filters to extract additional, deeper insights.

For example: a merchant may be interested in understanding the average rating among customers who bought a specific product as gift vs a customer who bought the product for themselves.

Alternatively, a merchant could use advanced rating filters to gain an understanding of the average rating for a specific product among specific customer segments such as those based on age, gender or any other specific attribute being collected as a structured data point within review submission.

Review Reports

For many merchants, the ultimate measure of performance for a customer review program is, of course, the total number of reviews being generated!

Okendo’s Analytics & Reporting feature makes this data readily available for all users in a format that is easy to read and understand.

As well as tracking the total count of reviews generated over a specific time period, merchants can view the breakdown of ratings along the 1-5 star spectrum for those same reviews.

Advanced Review Filters

Advanced filters make it possible for merchants to drill in and track review generation counts and star rating distributions for individual products.

Similarly, merchants can use filters to layer on attribute data to review reports, providing unique insight into customer feedback from specific customer segments.

For example: a skin-care merchant might be interested in understanding customer feedback for a new product specifically among customers who have the ‘sensitive skin’ attribute. Advanced Filters make that obtaining that insight as simple as running a report.

Coupon Reports

Incentivising customers to leave reviews and share photos/videos with a coupon reward is an effective and proven method for accelerating content generation. It also has the added benefit of driving repeat purchases and ultimately, increasing customer lifetime value.

Using Coupon reports, merchants can now track exactly how many orders were made where a coupon generated as a review reward was used as well as the total value of those orders.

As well as being a great insight into repeat purchase rates, Coupon Reports also provide merchants a useful insight into the overall ROI of their customer review program.

Sentiment Reports

Merchants can now track and report on customer sentiment. Similar to average rating, customer sentiment provides an excellent measure of overall customer satisfaction.

Sentiment is obtained from the text of customer reviews using Okendo’s proprietary natural language processing technology. It is measured as either Positive, Negative, Mixed or Neutral.

As with the Ratings, Reviews and Coupons reports, merchants can use Reporting Filters to drill in and track customer sentiment for specific products as well as layer in customer attribute data to understand how sentiment is trending over time among specific customer segments.

Your Customer Marketing Command Centre

Okendo’s new Analytics & Reporting feature provides fast-growing Shopify merchants with all the data and reporting tools needed to gain a deep insight into the performance of their customer review program. Better still, advanced filters help merchants uncover powerful customer insights and identify interesting trends over time.


Time is precious. So, here’s the 411 on the announcement in a couple of dot points:

  • Okendo’s new Analytics & Reporting feature gives merchants extensive visibility into the performance of all aspects of their customer review program.
  • Merchants can now create reports that track and measure review request emails, average ratings & review counts, coupon usuage and customer sentiment.
  • These measures can be tracked over time and reports can be saved for quick access.
  • Advanced filters give merchants incredibly powerful ways to ‘slice & dice’ reports, enabling analysis for specific products and customer segments.

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