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Okendo is now an Official Google Reviews Partner!

Mar 2, 2021 | 4 minute read

Okendo is now an Official Google Reviews Partner!

Kelsey Clutter

Kelsey Clutter, Content Marketing Manager

We are beyond excited to announce that Okendo is now an official Google Reviews Partner!

As a customer marketing platform built specifically for high-performance Shopify retailers, Okendo has always provided merchants the ability to showcase reviews and UGC at key points in the online buying journey as a way to increase conversions, AOV and repeat purchases.

Now, as an official Google Reviews Partner, Okendo users can automatically push their star ratings, reviews and customer generated photos and videos to Google Shopping Ads and Google Shopping Product Listings.

Enhancing Google Shopping Product Listings and Ads with ratings and reviews are demonstrably proven to:

  • Stand out in Google Shopping search results and increase CTR
  • Drive more qualified, high-intent shopper traffic to merchant stores
  • Decrease Google Shopping Ad costs and maximize campaign ROI

“Setting up Okendo to push our reviews to Google Shopping was incredibly easy. Once live, the click-through-rate of our ads increased 50% literally overnight,” says Muir Way.

The Importance of Google Shopping

With ecommerce jumping a massive 44.4% in 2020, the highest annual jump in two decades, it’s more important than ever for merchants to be connecting with shoppers online. And with 85% of all online product searches starting on either Amazon or Google, building an effective Google Shopping strategy is paramount.

Alongside increased consumer usage, competition among merchants on Google Shopping has increased. Competition has been further fueled by several changes Google made in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including making it free for merchants to sell their products on Google Shopping and the elimination of commissions for “Buy On Google”, which enables customers to purchase from brands without ever leaving Google Shopping. Shopify has also made it easier for merchants to sell on Google with Smart Shopping campaigns.

Enhancing Google Shopping Product Listings and Ads with ratings, reviews and UGC is a highly effective way for merchants to optimize their Google Shopping campaigns and stand out from the competition.

Now that Okendo is an official Google Reviews Partner, merchants using Okendo’s Review & UGC Generation capabilities, have everything they need to generate tonnes of awesome customer content and automatically push it to Google Shopping to enhance their listings.

Okendo & Google

As well as making it easy to push reviews to Google Shopping Product Listing and Ads, Okendo’s full suite of Google marketing capabilities also include Google Seller Rating and Google Rich Snippets.

Google Seller Ratings

Use Okendo’s Seller Ratings add-on to automatically push your store ratings to Google, reducing set-up complexity and accelerating time to value. Seller Ratings increase search ad CTR and maximize ad campaign ROI.

Google Rich Snippets

Okendo loads review data on product pages in such a way that the review meta-data is visible to Google’s search crawlers resulting in product page links shown in organic search results being enhanced with stars and ratings. Rich snippets are proven to increase click-through-rates.

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