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Ecommerce Quiz Examples and Why They Make a Significant Impact

Nov 21, 2023 | 5 minute read

Ecommerce Quiz Examples and Why They Make a Significant Impact

Megan Wenzl

Content Marketing Manager

In today’s digital age, customers aren’t just looking for products – they’re seeking experiences. The rise of ecommerce has paved the way for innovative ways of engaging customers, and one such tool that has proven to be impactful is the ecommerce quiz. 

A thoughtfully crafted product recommendation quiz not only personalizes the customer’s shopping experience but also strengthens the relationship between a brand and its customers, which in turn, drives sales. Let’s discuss the impact of quizzes and check out some examples from some of the fastest-growing brands. 

The Impact of Ecommerce Quizzes

1. Personalized Experiences Elevate Customer Satisfaction 

In the hyper-competitive world of ecommerce, a generic approach often falls flat. When customers are presented with personalized experiences, it makes them feel understood and catered to, fostering a sense of belonging. By tailoring the shopping journey to individual preferences and needs, brands can elevate the usual transactional relationship and turn it into a more meaningful one. The days of one-size-fits-all marketing are rapidly diminishing, with more emphasis on unique individual experiences. 

This shift can be seen in recent Okendo research on loyalty and retention, which found that a substantial 58% of customers feel that a brand-centric quiz not only meets but often exceeds their expectations. This suggests that personalization is more than just a luxury –  it’s rapidly becoming an expectation.

2. A Direct Route to Increased Revenue 

Revenue generation is the heartbeat of any ecommerce business. While attracting traffic is part of the equation, the real challenge lies in converting those visitors into paying customers. The introduction of a product recommendation at the pivotal moment when a quiz concludes offers merchants a strategic opportunity. With the convenience of a single-click add-to-cart feature, customers are nudged closer to the checkout process, enhancing conversion rates. 

Beyond this, the recommendations based on quiz answers instill confidence in customers about their choices. This assurance makes them more decisive, thereby reducing instances of cart abandonment, a common pain point for merchants.

3. An Authentic Data Collection Tool 

With mounting concerns surrounding data privacy and the ethics of data collection, businesses are under more scrutiny than ever. There’s an increasing demand for transparent, honest methods of data collection. In this context, quizzes emerge as a trustworthy tool. They act as a medium where customers willingly share their preferences, behaviors, requirements, and even demographics. 

This direct approach to data collection, known as zero-party data (ZPD), ensures that brands are not overstepping boundaries by resorting to third-party data sources, which might be intrusive. Quizzes, therefore, serve a dual purpose: understanding the customer and maintaining their trust.

As Andy Homan, Creative Director for Process Creative, says, “Incorporating a quiz into the shopping experience for brands can yield significant benefits by allowing the collection of first-party data. This crucial data allows for precise client segmentation, enabling personalized marketing strategies that enhance engagement, drive conversions, and foster long-term customer loyalty.”

4. An Integrated Customer Marketing Platform 

While quizzes are predominantly seen as recommendation tools, their potential is multifaceted. When these quizzes are integrated with other customer-centric features like reviews, referrals, surveys, and loyalty programs, especially on platforms like Okendo, brands can delve deeper into the psyche of their customers. 

This unified platform provides a holistic view of customer data, which is a treasure trove for marketers. With these insights, marketing campaigns can be more targeted, customer relationships can be nurtured with greater precision, and a new breed of Superfans — customers who not only buy but are also highly engaged with your brand — can be cultivated, paving the way for sustainable growth.

Ecommerce Quiz Examples

Chief Nutrition

Chief Nutrition, a popular Australian-based healthy snack brand, does a fantastic job of using quizzes to engage their customers. The quiz, found here, seeks insight from customers regarding their diets and product preferences. The personalized touch resonates, making customers feel genuinely valued. 

An example of an ecommerce quiz with the question, Which areas of your health are you looking to improve? And product recommendations based on the answer

Aesthetically, the quiz seamlessly blends with the brand’s look and feel, emphasizing the importance of a cohesive brand experience. Moreover, by collecting email addresses before revealing the results, Chief Nutrition smartly ensures a continued connection with customers. 

Justin Babat, Co-Founder, and COO at Chief Nutrition, remarks, “Okendo Quizzes has a seamless UI. It took us less than a few hours to start offering guided shopping experiences that our customers love.”

Bed Threads

Bed Threads, a major player in the luxury bedding ecommerce space, has crafted a quiz that’s both visually engaging and infused with brand personality. 

A quiz in ecommerce to find your perfect color match

The quiz allows users to select preferences related to things like their preferred interior styles, favorite colors and what their ideal bedroom looks like, enabling the brand to match them with bedding products that perfectly align with their responses. The quiz boasts some pretty staggering metrics, including an immediate 17% conversion rate and a 25x ROI. 

Julia Teen, Head of Ecommerce at Bed Threads, praises the platform, saying, “Okendo Quizzes is easy to set up, our shoppers love the guided experience, and we’ve seen an incredible, immediate impact of a 17% conversion rate and 25x ROI.”

Learn More: How Bed Threads Increased Conversions With Okendo


In the evolving world of ecommerce, quizzes have emerged as a powerful tool to bridge the gap between brands and their customers. They aren’t just about recommendations – they’re about understanding, engaging, and building lasting relationships. With a customer marketing platform like Okendo, brands have an ally in their quest to convert customers into passionate Superfans. If your ecommerce business hasn’t yet explored the power of quizzes, now might be the perfect time to start.

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