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increase in sales attributed to email flows


increase in reviews captured

Key takeaways

  1. 01 The Okendo-Klaviyo integration provided Naked Harvest with more opportunities to optimize campaign performance and understand the impact reviews and UGC have on conversions and revenue.
  2. 02 A seamless 5-day migration process from Judge.me allowed Naked Harvest to see an immediate increase in review generation.


After years of searching for the perfect nutritional supplements to support her active & healthy lifestyle, Georgie Stevenson joined forces with her brother Coopa to revolutionize men’s and women’s active health supplements. In 2019, the duo founded Australian-based Naked Harvest and launched the company’s online store. Since then, it’s grown into a popular DTC destination for health-conscious individuals, those with active lifestyles, and anyone looking for peace of mind by knowing exactly what they are putting into their bodies.


  • Understanding the power of social proof, Naked Harvest always incorporated customer reviews into its ecommerce marketing strategy.
  • As the company experienced rapid growth, they found that their reviews platform, Judge.me, wasn’t meeting their full needs.

“Social proof is an especially important element of success for us. Supplements generally require more consideration compared to other products that might have a quicker decision-making process like apparel. Our customers want to know how the product tastes, smells, and, most importantly, what it makes them feel like. And that’s where reviews and UGC are invaluable.”

Melissa Synnott

Public Relations & Communications Manager

Naked Harvest

Solution: Maximizing Klaviyo Campaign Performance with Social Proof and Incentives

  • With the help of ecommerce growth expert Brynley King, Naked Harvest was able to maximize campaign performance, create new engagement possibilities, and deliver more personalized messaging using the Okendo-Klaviyo integration.
  • Okendo’s mobile-optimized UI gave customers more options for providing reviews & UGC such as video submissions.
  • With a new automated review request flow via Klaviyo along with a 10% off coupon on their next order, Naked Harvest saw a 290% jump in reviews captured after migrating from Judge.me
  • The Okendo-Klaviyo integration also allowed for powerful revenue. opportunities. Naked Harvest gained the ability to add highly relevant social proof into their abandoned cart emails, as well as trigger a follow-up email from customer service for reviews that are three stars or lower to turn a negative experience into a positive one.


  • Naked Harvest saw an incredible 1,680% increase in sales attributed to the Okendo-Klaviyo integration.
  • The number of reviews captured by Naked Harvest increased by 290% after moving to Okendo from Judge.me.
  • Naked Harvest is now capturing up to 150 reviews a day.
  • The team can now use reviews to collect zero-party data to personalize customer profiles, giving the team the tools they need to improve customer experiences.

“Rapidly growing ecommerce brands require a fully integrated tech stack that can handle their evolving needs as they scale. The beauty of Okendo is in its ability to seamlessly plug in with the other tools teams use and allow them to leverage the full power of reviews and UGC across the entirety of their marketing campaigns.”

Brynley King


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