How Amora Coffee Boosted Growth with the Help of Okendo





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increase in conversion rate


increase in average order value


increase in review generation

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Amora Coffee streamlines its reviews and rewards generation process with the help of Okendo’s integrations to engage more Superfans.
  2. 02 With Okendo’s Attentive integration, Amora Coffee grew its review generation 39% by adding SMS as a review request channel and meeting customers where they are most engaged.


Founded in 2011, Amora set out with a mission to bring freshly roasted coffee directly to American customers’ doorsteps, allowing them to enjoy what coffee (and tea!) is meant to be before it sits on a shelf or changes hands between various intermediaries. To achieve this goal, Amora exclusively sold online.


  • Because Amora Coffee sold online and not in stores, the team wanted to invest in customer reviews to build shopper trust.
  • Amora Points was already a vital part of the brand. Amora Coffee needed to integrate the rewards program as a way to incentivize and reward customers for leaving a review.
  • Agency partner Electriq Marketing recommended Okendo because of its strong integrations with Attentive, Klaviyo, and LoyaltyLion.

Solution: Seamless Review Generation and Reward Process

  • With the combined power of Okendo’s integrations with LoyaltyLion, Klaviyo, and Attentive, Amora Coffee streamlines review generation via both email and SMS, and automates reward distribution.
  • If a customer leaves a positive review, they are asked to refer a friend in exchange for more substantial rewards.
  • Additionally, with Okendo’s Attributes features, Amora Coffee can gather product details from customers in reviews including coffee quality and strength in addition to customer attributes. This gives new shoppers access to the social proof they need to help them find the right coffee and increase conversion rates.

“A brand’s biggest asset is always its customers, and that’s especially true for Amora Coffee. Because they sell exclusively online to guarantee freshness, and therefore particularly benefit from customer-led marketing, we recommended Okendo because there’s no better tool for leveraging customers’ opinions, loyalty, and networks to grow an ecomm business.”

Brandon Amoroso


Electriq Marketing


  • Amora Coffee saw a 4.43x relative increase in conversion rate.
  • The brand increased its review generation by 39% in just two weeks after first implementing Okendo’s Attentive integration into its marketing strategy.
  • Electriq helped Amora Coffee grow its average order value by 216% with Okendo’s integrations.
  • By setting up complex Attentive & Klaviyo flows that Amora Coffee doesn’t have to manage manually, they drive a reward-and-referral program that wins over new customers, inspires brand loyalty, and encourages customers to become advocates.


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