Partner Town Hall: Q4 2023

Oct 20, 2023 | 6 minute read

Partner Town Hall: Q4 2023

Raquel Barolli

Partner Marketing Manager

As Okendo expands from a Reviews platform to an all-in-one Customer Marketing Platform, we continue to support the success of our valued partners. You have been instrumental to our growth, so keeping you informed on how to maximize the benefits of using Okendo remains key.

We know it’s the busiest time of year in ecommerce, so instead of a live Town Hall webinar, we’re sharing short, easily digestible videos to update you on what’s new at Okendo and recognize our top-tier partners for their incredible achievements. We’re highlighting exciting company updates, new product releases, and referral program best practices so you continue to stay up-to-date with Okendo and help your merchants succeed with the platform.

Okendo’s New Mission: Driving More Superfans for Brands

Matt Goodman, Co-Founder and CEO of Okendo, discusses important changes to how we think about and define our mission at Okendo.

He says, “Okendo’s mission is our north star that informs everything that we do from our product roadmap and how we articulate our value proposition to brands and to you, our trusted partners.”

Okendo has evolved into a customer marketing platform that offers five connected products: Reviews, Surveys, Referrals, Quizzes, and Loyalty (coming next year). Each product is available on its own, but the maximum results happen when brands use the products together in one connected tech stack to create personalized experiences that customers love and generate more revenue.

Okendo is now a complete system to generate stronger and more profitable customer relationships — to turn customers into Superfans.

What is a Superfan?

Superfans are customers who are highly engaged with the brand. Superfans have high lifetime value and a level of social influence and trust. Superfans are also willing to collaborate with the brand on activities that help bring in new customers.

How can Superfans Help Your Clients?

There’s been a dramatic increase in customer acquisition costs in the last 12-18 months. It’s never been more important to diversify acquisition channels, reduce dependence on paid media, and develop sustainable, resilient businesses. Superfans are the best way to achieve all of these objectives.

Okendo’s New Company Mission

Enable brands to accelerate efficient growth by creating and mobilizing Superfans.

Best Practices for Driving Referral Program Success for your Clients

Listen to Chris MaGill, Okendo’s Product Enablement Manager, as he provides strategies for promoting your client’s Okendo Referrals program. By implementing these best practices, your agency can increase its billable hours and implement a successful and profitable program for your clients.

Best Practice #1: Add a Referral Link to the Site Navigation or the Footer

This is one of the easiest ways for a customer to discover your program. We recommend adding the link to your main site navigation, but the footer is the next best option if space is not available in the footer.

Best Practice #2: Enable the Post-Review Referral Module

After a customer has left a review, customers can refer their friends and family right after they submit a review. Customers can invite them via email, social, or copy a referral link. You can show the referral prompt to all customers who leave a review or focus on your most engaged brand advocates who leave a 4- or 5-star review.

We strongly recommend sending a referral prompt to customers who have left a 4- or 5-star review.

Best Practice #3: Announce the Referral Program

Right when you launch a referral program for a brand, make sure they announce the program to drive success!

Referral programs should be promoted across your client’s email and SMS channels. In addition, if the brand has an app, they can send a push notification letting customers know they have a referral program. We can target a broad audience, but you want to make sure there’s a level of engagement, so we recommend sending the announcement to any customer who has made a purchase in the past year.

Best Practice #4: Content Block

An evergreen content block promoting the referral program is an effective strategy to use in email. Merchants can create a content block in any email campaign, such as a monthly campaign or an automatic order update. You can use conditional logic to hide content from any customer who is already signed up for the program.

If you’d like to discuss these recommendations in more depth and how to set up a billable hours program, reach out to your Partner Manager.

Okendo Quizzes Wins: Easy to Use and Immediate ROI

Here are the results and success stories of merchants using Okendo Quizzes. Listen as Chris MaGill highlights just some of the brands seeing immediate impact with Quizzes.


The Impact of Okendo Quizzes

“Okendo Quizzes has a seamless UI. It took us less than a few hours to start offering guided shopping experiences that our customers love.”

Justin Babat

Co-Founder & COO

Chief Nutrition

“Building quizzes is a breeze with Okendo's user-friendly interface.”

Andrés Dávila

Project Manager

Mélusine Studio

“Okendo Quizzes is easy to set up, our shoppers love the guided experience, and we’ve seen an incredible, immediate impact of a 15% conversion rate and 52x ROI.”

Julia Teen

Head of Ecommerce

Bed Threads

If you have any merchants you are working with that could benefit from Okendo Quizzes, please reach out to your partner manager!

Coming in 2024: Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with Okendo Loyalty

Chris MaGill shares more information on our upcoming product, Okendo Loyalty.

What is Okendo Loyalty?

With Okendo Loyalty, we want to help merchants create compelling loyalty programs that maximize customer lifetime value.

Okendo Loyalty will do this by helping to retain customers who are loyal to a brand and have been purchasing from the brand for years, or for new customers to convert into a customer for life.

We are currently building a loyalty platform that’s in line with all of the products we’ve already built — that’s easy to set up and get up and running, yet still customizable to fit the needs of a brand. Okendo Loyalty will also help merchants acquire new customers with special referral rewards.

The Okendo team is currently focused on an early adopter program for Loyalty for the rest of the quarter. Okendo Loyalty will officially launch in Q1 2024.

Because our team is still developing Okendo Loyalty, we would love to know what you’re looking for in a Loyalty platform. If one of your merchants doesn’t have a loyalty program yet or you think would benefit from Okendo’s loyalty product, reach out to your partner manager. We have a few slots for our next phase of the early adopter program for Loyalty!

Q4 Partner Program Updates

Adena Merabi, Partnerships Team Lead, congratulates our new 2023 gold and platinum partners.

2023 Gold Partners

Congratulations to our latest 2023 gold partners! This tier requires a referral of $1500 in MRR to Okendo.

  • Fat Earth
  • Theory Digital
  • 300cbt
  • Bystrov
  • Great White Media
  • FuelMade
  • Al Martin
  • VavaVoom
  • KlewdUp
  • Andzen
  • Mindarc

2023 Platinum Partners

Congratulations to our 2023 platinum partners! This tier requires a referral of $2500 in MRR to Okendo.

  • Getner Group
  • Zyber

What’s New in Partner Portal

We’re happy to share that we’ve added the new assets and resources below for you to utilize and share with your teams. To log into your partner portal, visit partners.okendo.io.

  • Billable Hours Guide (With Updates Coming in Q1)
  • Case Studies
  • Product One-Pagers

We’re proud to continue to help our partners drive successful outcomes for their merchants. And now by consolidating your merchants’ tech stack into one all-in-one Customer Marketing Platform, you can help merchants drive even more growth.

We value your feedback! Please share your feedback with our partnerships team so we collaborate together for a successful 2024. Have an amazing Q4 and BFCM!

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