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Okendo Launches Quizzes to Drive Sales through Personalized Shopping Experiences

Sep 5, 2023 | 4 minute read

Okendo Launches Quizzes to Drive Sales through Personalized Shopping Experiences

Megan Wenzl

Content Marketing Manager

Increase sales, delight shoppers and collect actionable profile data with Okendo Quizzes

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Okendo Quizzes! Quizzes makes it easy for Shopify brands to create guided shopping experiences that drive more sales, delight customers and collect actionable customer data. 

In an ecommerce landscape driven by increasing competition, rising acquisition costs and fast evolving consumer expectations, brands must continuously find new ways to delight shoppers and differentiate their experiences in order to attract and retain loyal customers. 

Using Quizzes, brands can elevate the discovery process by quickly matching shoppers to products that are a best fit for their individual profiles. Personalized product recommendations can be directly added to cart, increasing session conversions and driving more sales.

Quizzes further expands on Okendo’s unified customer marketing platform. Combined with Reviews, Surveys, and Referrals, Quizzes is another tool for helping brands enrich their customer profiles with actionable zero-party data that can be used to power more personalized and higher performing marketing programs.

3 relevant product recommendations for a customer after they take a quiz

What is Okendo Quizzes?

Quizzes invite shoppers to share information about themselves through a series of interactive questions to collect their preferences, requirements, behaviors, and demographics. Shoppers are then automatically matched with products that best align with their profiles. Products can be added to cart with a single click from the product recommendation page, leading to higher conversion rates. Data collected from quiz responses are stored on customer profiles in Okendo where it can then be used to power more personalized engagements. 

With a powerful quiz builder that includes flexible decision logic and custom styling, brands can easily create quizzes and embed them into their website.  A mobile-first UI ensures quiz interaction is easy and intuitive for shoppers. In-app quiz previews allow for end-to-end testing prior to deployment to ensure functional question pathways and on-brand design. Brands can also choose to reward quiz participants with coupons that can be immediately applied towards recommended products, helping drive more in-session sales.

Okendo Quizzes also includes in-depth reporting and analytics. Brands can monitor user progression along quiz pathways including starts, drop-offs and completions. Revenue reporting enables brands to measure the direct ROI of their quiz programs, including metrics such as add to carts, purchases, average order value, and total revenue.

Building and configuring Okendo Quizzes

The Key Benefits of Okendo Quizzes

Okendo Quizzes empowers Shopify brands to unlock a new method for combatting the challenges of today’s ecommerce landscape.

Leveraging Okendo Quizzes, brands can:

  • Drive more revenue: Quizzes drive customers to the right products for their needs, enabling them to make faster purchasing decisions that lead to increased conversions and sales.
  • Provide personalized experiences: With interactive & engaging quiz experiences that recommend products based on each individual’s preferences, customers are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase and remain loyal to your brand.
  • Collect actionable customer data: Each quiz answer is stored in an individual’s unified customer profile, allowing brands to understand each of their customers needs, and power more personalized marketing communications to drive retention and higher lifetime value.

Why Choose Okendo for Quizzes?

Okendo Quizzes makes creating and implementing quizzes a seamless and user-friendly process for brands. Here’s a few reasons why you should choose Okendo Quizzes: 

  • Get up and Running Fast: While the concept of quizzes might seem complex, Okendo makes building, testing, and activating quizzes as simple as possible. Our platform is intuitively designed with an in-app test mode, making it easy for anyone on your team to quickly launch a quiz, so you can start seeing more revenue, fast.
  • Unified Customer Profiles: Okendo’s unified customer profiles provide instant access to critical zero-party data from quizzes, reviews, referrals, and surveys. This 360 degree view into customer behaviors, preferences, and events serves as a powerful foundation for designing compelling marketing campaigns with higher return on investment.
  • All-In-One Customer Marketing Platform: Okendo is on a mission to transform customers into passionate superfans. Our integrated platform, which encompasses reviews, referrals, loyalty programs, quizzes, and surveys, gives brands all the tools they need to attract, convert, and grow customer relationships.

Elevate your shopping experience with Okendo Quizzes. Speak with our sales team or your customer success manager to learn more about how you can integrate Okendo Quizzes into your customer engagement strategy today.

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