Enterprise Plan Specifications


Loyalty – Full Feature List

Onsite Displays
Floating loyalty widget
Rewards banner
Custom loyalty page
Design editor
Rewards page builder
Embedded customer details
Personalized onsite experiences
Program Settings
VIP Tiers
Progress by spend
Points multipliers
Points expiration
Exclusive perks and benefits
Earn Rules
Points for purchase
Create account
Facebook follow
Twitter follow
Tweet about us
Product reviews
Photo and video reviews
Social login
Birthday points (GA)
Referral points (GA)
SMS signup (GA)
Newsletter signup (GA)
Dollar amount coupon
Percent discount coupon
Variable amount coupon
Free product (GA)
Welcome email
Points reminder
Redemption reminder
Reporting and Analytics
Loyalty performance dashboard
Member engagement metrics
Member activity tracking
ROI dashboard (GA)

Reviews – Full Feature List

Content Generation
Product Reviews
Site Reviews
Photo & Video Reviews
Smart Review Form
Attribute Ratings
Automated Review Requests
Review Reminder Emails
Email Templates
2-in-1 Reviews
Multi-Product Reviews
Rewards Engine
Review Enhancements
Media Enhancement Emails
Post-Review Modules
Targeted Review Requests
Custom Email Templates
White-labelled Domains
Onsite Displays
Reviews Widget
Star Ratings
Reviews Badge
Reviews Carousel
Reviews Tab
Review Page
Design Editor
Media Galleries
White Label
Free Text Search
Review Filters
Advanced CSS Editor
Headless Support
Social Share
Facebook Retargeting
Google Inline SEO
Google Rich Snippets
Meta Shops Syndication
Google Shopping
Email Integrations (Klaviyo, Omnisend)
SMS Integrations (Attentive, Postscript)
Google Seller Ratings
Walmart.com Syndication
Bazaarvoice Syndication
Review Imports
Reviews Moderation
Review Replies
Review Grouping
Auto Publish Logic
Review Tagging & Filtering
Profanity Filter
Analytics & Reports
Sentiment Analysis
Email Blocklist
Product Blocklist
Multi-Language Support
Help Desk Integrations
Advanced Report Filters
Custom Display Widgets
Custom Reporting
Help Centre
Email Support
24/7 Live Chat Support
Onboarding Specialist
Customer Success Team
Key Account Manager
Solution Engineering

Referrals – Full Feature List

Referral Channels
Post-purchase referrals
Invite page referrals
Post-review referrals
Post-survey referras
Automated emails
Design Editor
Referral reporting
Fraud protection
Klaviyo integration
Rewards Engine
Analytics and Reporting

Surveys – Full Feature List

Survey Channels
Onsite Surveys
Post-Purchase Surveys
Link Surveys
Post-Review Surveys
Survey Targeting
Contextual Targeting
Customer Profiles
Profile Completion
Survey Builder
Survey Templates
Profile Question Library
Question Types
Survey Builder
Design Editor
Question Logic
Survey Rewards
Analytics & Reporting
Performance Analytics
Automated Charts & Graphs
Revenue Reports
Report Filters
Survey Export

Quizzes – Full Feature List

Embedded Quizzes
Pop-up display
Dedicated landing page
Unique quiz ID
Design editor
Question configuration
Recommendation logic types
Preview mode
Smart test mode
Product Recommendations
Personalized recommendation page
Add to cart button
Other suggested products
Star ratings
Performance Reporting
Attributed revenue
Conversion rate
Response rate
Engagement by question